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2021, potentially significant in forest fires

forest fire
Pamela Cruz. Peninsula 360 Press [P360P].

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection at its San Mateo and Santa Cruz units ?Cal Fire CZU? warned that this 2021 "is shaping up to be a year of potentially significant wildfires," so it calls to remain attentive to the conditions surrounding the areas and report any suspicious smoke.

A year after record-breaking wildfires were recorded throughout California, projections are not looking good.

Through a statement issued Monday, CAL FIRE CZU noted that it has responded to and suppressed 5 wildfires since March 31, 2021. "This is very unusual for this time of year."

He detailed that, due to drier and warmer conditions, along with a second year of drought, fuels tend to burn, while rainfall totals are only 50 percent of normal for this time of year in the region.

In that sense, he said he has had to resort to aerial resources to help suppress several of these fires, which has also become very unusual, because such resources are not usually needed until early June.

The authority stressed that several of the fires recorded, were the result of piles of garbage that were burned on purpose, so they asked to be careful when performing such burns, or else a ban may be established.

"One of these fires was six acres within the CZU Lightning Complex burn area." That area was also affected last year and resulted in the largest fire in Santa Cruz County history, burning more than 86,500 acres.

CAL FIRE CZU said it continues to use the Alert Wildfire camera network to provide early and critical wildfire information, which will continue to be installed throughout the region.


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