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Against capitalist wars

The Russian army's invasion of Ukraine has once again set off the alarm bells. Humanity has not yet emerged from the pandemic caused by Covid-19 when it is already facing possible wars, which revives the old concern about mutually assured destruction.

In the press and social networks, each side tries to impose its narrative, justify the war and "force" society to take sides, as if there were only two positions.

Experts in geopolitics and international relations talk about the rise of "nazism" in Ukraine, about Russia's "neozarism", about NATO and US interventionism, about the crisis of the European Union, about the importance of gas and oil, about the increase in food costs, about the role that China will play, about the repercussions for Latin America and about so many other things.

Among so much over-information, noise and propaganda, little space is left for people's lives, for displaced people, for refugees, and when this appears in the news, it is always in order to move people to say which is the "good" side.

Amidst so much noise, the simple and honest word emerges, that of the Zapatista peoples who say "Stop the war", and remind us: ?those who win in this war are the big armament consortiums and the big capitals that see the opportunity to conquer, destroy/reconstruct territories, that is to say, to create new markets of merchandise and consumers, of people? How much truth there is in the words of these peoples who have lived and are living the war in their own flesh.

In an interesting text written in 1999, the then spokesman of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, explained that the constant characteristics of world wars are: 1) the conquest of territories and their reorganization, 2) the destruction of the enemy and 3) the administration of the conquest. Likewise, Marcos pointed out that there were four world wars: the first (1914-1918) and the second (1939-1945), known to all; the ?Third World War or Cold War? (1945-1989), which he described as ?a great world war composed of many local wars? and the ?Fourth World War? The latter would have the characteristic of being a war against humanity and for the universalization of the market: "Territories are destroyed and depopulated. At the time of the war, the territory has to be destroyed, to turn it into a desert. Not for destructive purposes, but to rebuild and reorder?

Already since then the Zapatistas invited us to look at the wars in the world, the capitalist wars among which today we could list the war against Palestine and Kurdistan and against the other peoples in Syria, the war against the Mapuche people; the war against the native peoples in all corners of the world and also the war against women; the war against the working class and against the poor of the world, the war against humanity and nature. In short: a war at the service of money and against Life. A war in which the lords of war and money continue to win.

Let us demand a halt to the capitalist wars in all the corners and spaces that we can, so that tomorrow there will continue to be ?whoever will take care of the landscape?

By Raúl Romero. Peninsula 360 Press

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