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Racism: main motivator of attack in Jacksonville that left three people dead

Racism: main motivator of attack in Jacksonville that left three people dead
Image: Facebook Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

One more. A racism-fueled attack in Jacksonville takes the lives of innocent people across the US This Saturday, August 26, shortly after 1:00 p.m., a 21-year-old white man opened fire at a grocery store. convenience in Jacksonville, Florida, killing three people of African descent, before committing suicide.

Image: Facebook Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The perpetrator, identified as Ryan Christopher Palmerer, carried out the attack at a Dollar General store in a new area of the city of Jacksonville. Wearing a tactical vest, latex gloves and armed with a Glock pistol and an AR-15-style rifle, he shot three black people and then turned the gun on them to shoot himself, the city sheriff said.

Palmerer left various hate letters, including to his parents and the media, Sheriff TK Waters said at a press conference.

Similarly, he explained that the gunman used racial slurs and drew swastikas on his firearm.

“This shooting was motivated by racism. I hated black people. He wanted to kill blacks. It's the only time I'll ever use that word," the sheriff said.

In turn, he clarified that there is absolutely no evidence that the shooter is part of any large group, and that he acted completely alone.

  1. K. Waters assured that the tragedy will continue to be investigated despite the fact that the shooter is dead, until there is a complete understanding of what happened.

"This is a dark day in Jacksonville history. Any loss of life is tragic, but the hatred that motivated the shooter adds an additional layer of anguish. There is no place for hate in our community and this is not Jacksonville."

The victims were identified as Angela Michelle Carr, 52; Jerrald Gallion, 29; and Anolt Joseph "AJ" Laguerre Jr., 19.

According to authorities, Palmerer purchased a handgun in April and an AR-15-style rifle in June, and "there was nothing illegal about him owning firearms," the sheriff said.

"There is no reason that can explain the decisions and actions of the shooters, their sick ideology is not representative of the values of this Jacksonville community that we all love so much, we are not a hate community. We are united with good and decent people. We in this city reject this inexcusable violence, and this agency will not rest until this investigation is complete and accountability is exhausted." 

For its part, the Justice Department is investigating the shooting as a hate crime and an act of racially motivated violent extremism, Attorney General Merrick Garland said Sunday.

With information from CNN.

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