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Meet the candidates for San Mateo County offices who are on your ballot

candidates for positions in San Mateo County.
Photo: Peninsula 360 Press [P360P].

By Pamela Cruz and Constanza Mazzotti
The countdown is on to the June 7 U.S. primary election where voters will be able to make their choice of candidates for U.S. Senate, governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, comptroller and treasurer, so it's important to know all the candidates in San Mateo County.

As well as Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, State Board of Equalization member, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, U.S. Representative in Congress, State Senator, State Assemblyman, and other local candidates.

The latter are no less important, so here is a list of candidates in San Mateo County.

Superintendent of Schools for San Mateo County

In this case, the only contender for the position is Nancy Magee, a gay woman originally from San Mateo County who lives in Half Moon Bay and has 38 years of experience in education.

Magee earned the position of San Mateo County school superintendent in 2018, so he is going for his second term.

In the next term, Nancy wants to focus resources on deeper supports for students with disabilities and those identified as English language learners; hire a diverse educational workforce at all levels of service to better reflect the diversity of San Mateo County students; and provide leadership in achieving social, racial and environmental justice for area schools and communities.

In turn, according to her platform, she seeks to strengthen digital infrastructure, educator training and curriculum to ensure that students have access to digital learning tools and accelerated and independent learning opportunities. To learn more about Nancy Magee and her proposals, you can visit the site. www.vote4nancy2022.org/.

Member for the Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the five-member elected body that oversees the operation of San Mateo County, with board members representing one of the five population districts within the county. For the seat that will be vacated by the second District and vacated by Carole Groom, the candidates are:

Noelia Corzo

San Mateo-Foster City School District Trustee; Belmont Councilmember Charles Stone; and Cameron Rolfe, commercial pilot and flight instructor.Noelia Corzo notes that her priorities are pandemic recovery, public and mental health, affordable housing, climate justice, community engagement, universal Pre-K, public education and child care, as well as transportation.To learn more about her campaign, interested parties can visit the site at www.noelia4smc.org/.

Charles Stone

He notes that the biggest threat facing the region, including District 2, is devastating climate change: increased risk of wildfires, drought and Bay pollution, so his priorities include sustainability. To learn more about this and his other proposals, voters can visit his website at www.stoneforsupervisor.org.

Cameron Rolfe

It does not have a virtual site that voters can visit to learn about its political platform, however, it has made clear, in interviews with the media, its position on various issues such as health, budget, housing and climate change, pointing out that in order to advance on these issues, a multi-jurisdictional collaboration is necessary.

For the seat in the Third District of the Board of Supervisors

Laura Parmer-Lohan

Whose priorities focus on addressing wildfires and any emergencies, addressing climate change, affordable communities for all, and services for homeless people and families, her website where to learn more about her and her platform at www.lauraforsupervisor.com.

Virginia Chang Kiraly

She says she will seek to revive the economy, keep the community safe, protect homes from fire and drought, and hold leaders accountable, learn more about her at her site www.virginiachangkiraly.com.

Ray Mueller

He highlights his support for farm workers and the agricultural industry, in addition to other issues, so to find out more about his campaign he makes his platform available to the public at www.raymuellerforsupervisor.com.

Steven Booker

He talks about defending workers' rights, as well as investing in affordable housing for veterans, working families and essential workers, as well as addressing traffic congestion in a post-pandemic world with long-term solutions, all of which can be read and found more on his site www.bookerforsupervisor.org.

Assessor - County Clerk ? Recorder

The local position is being sought:

David Pollack ? www.david4assessor.com ?; John K. Mooney; and Mark Church ? www.markchurch.com?.

County Comptroller

For the position, the only candidate is Juan Raigoza, who assumed the position of County Comptroller in January 2015. He is seeking to remain in the position.


As with other positions, Robert Jon Foucrault, is the only candidate, and seeks to remain in the position with the goal of providing independent and prompt investigations to determine the cause and manner of death of decedents under the jurisdiction of the San Mateo County Coroner.

District Attorney and Treasurer-Tax Collector

The ballot only keeps Stephen Wagstaffe as a candidate for San Mateo County District Attorney. While Sandie Arnott is the only one to win, again, the position of Treasurer and Tax Collector.

San Mateo County Sheriff

The position as head of the Sheriff's Office in San Mateo County is being fought by two people, the current Sheriff, Carlos Bolaños, and the current Millbrae Police Chief, Christina Corpus, both with great experience in law and security matters, making the race a close one.

To learn more about them and their proposals, they make available the following sites www.bolanosforsheriff.com Carlos Bolaños, www.christinacorpus.com Christina Corpus, where voters will be able to delve into her stories and experience, as well as actions taken and proposals to improve safety in San Mateo County.

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