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Carmen Aristegui joins the Gabo Foundation Board of Trustees

Carmen Aristegui

Carmen Aristeguia renowned Mexican journalist, is one of the three women who recently joined - together with María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros (Spain) and Luz Mely Reyes (Venezuela) - the Governing Board of the Gabo FoundationThe institution created by Gabriel García Márquez.

The Gabo Foundation is a non-profit institution created by Colombian journalist Gabriel García Márquez, which seeks to promote journalism and stimulate creativity, as well as encourage research through workshops, scholarships, awards and publications. 

The Gabo Award recognizes and encourages excellence among journalists working in Spanish and Portuguese.

Recognized for her excellence, professionalism and fight for freedom of expression, Carmen Aristegui, general director of Aristegui Noticias, gave a talk to the Gabo Foundation where she shared her experience in the world of journalism.

"The word is joy, the mood is of enthusiasm and with all the desire to work in what corresponds to us in this Board of Trustees of this foundation," said Aristegui about her incorporation to the Gabo Foundation Board team.

Aristegui stressed how important it has been for her to join the foundation's Board of Trustees, because for her, talking about journalism, seeing what colleagues do and participating with them has always been stimulating and rewarding.

She also commented that she is convinced that "the role of journalists is fundamental for democracies" because showing the public what is happening in the world is a very important endless band for society, since an informed and critical public is better.

On the other hand, he mentioned the problem faced by journalists in Mexico, as there is a systemic violence that promotes aggressions against the profession, which have led to their murder and impunity. 

In addition, he stressed that there is a very important phenomenon in which governments seek to wear down, discredit and place journalists as enemies of the people.

Regarding young people who want to become journalists, Aristegui commented that "journalism is full of challenges, problems and circumstances, but it is a fascinating task with an adrenaline rush. The best profession in the world, it is an activity that has a series of characteristics that make it impossible to give up. 

Finally, Carmen Aristegui recounted the difficulties she went through after the report of Enrique Peña Nieto's white house -which won the Gabo Award - due to the government's insistence on silencing and discrediting journalists. 

He also pointed out that the presidents react in different ways to his journalistic and investigative work, however, he has noticed a tendency in all of them to discredit those who bring information to the public.

The incorporation of Carmen Aristegui to the Gabo Foundation's Board of Trustees not only means recognition of her work but also the opportunity to fight for freedom of expression from different trenches.

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Karina Alvarado
Karina Alvarado
Communications graduate from the FCPyS UNAM. Passionate about gender issues and child protection.


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