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Call for strike during Black Friday

strike during Black Friday

With the approach of November 26, trends in social networks call for a strike during Black Friday, with the purpose of demonstrating the growing non-conformities in wages and little compensation to employees at this time. 

On October 29th, a group was created on Reddit calling for a work stoppage during Black Friday, under the slogan of the existing wage gap between workers and senior managers. In addition, they have created a page where they demonstrate with graphics the salary deficiencies, as well as the increase in working hours and the decline of their compensation.

Employees have become increasingly productive, working longer hours, while their pay has stagnated. A single income can no longer support a household; in fact, due to inflation, our purchasing power is decreasing by the day." - blackfridayblackout.info 

On their website they show that while in the period from 1948 to 1979 productivity and compensation increased by 118.4 percent and 107.5 percent, respectively, from '79 to 2020 employee productivity grew by 61.8 percent while compensation increased by only 17.5 percent. 

Meanwhile, Twitter users have joined the movement under the #BlackFridayblackout where in addition to inviting people to join, they relate their experiences working in various commercial stores on this date. 

Among the approaches to support this strike can be proposed ?call in sick, do not go out to shop in commercial stores or do it online and if necessary only consume in local businesses. 

Wirecutter journalists plan strike during Black Friday

Members of the New York Times CO.'s Wirecutter unit, which reviews products for U.S. consumers, plan to strike around Black Friday, one of the most consumed seasons for their publications. 

More than 90 percent of union members agreed to authorize the work stoppage, after they claimed that the annual wage increase offered by the firm, 0.5 percent, is far below the 3 percent they aspire to. 

Through the Twitter account, @wirecutterunionThe workers made known the situation they face with the New York Times, and assured that their struggle for living wages has been hindered by the media for the past two years, 

In addition, through the same means, they called on readers and followers not to buy through the New York Times during Black Friday and Cyber Monday unless an agreement is reached before those dates. 

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