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Gustavo Petro will be the new president of Colombia

new president of colombia
Photo: Alex Sierra Global Exchange - Peninsula 360 Press

With 50.57% and a total of 10,984,247 votes, the candidate for the Historical Pact coalition, Gustavo Petro, is the virtual winner of the Historical Pact Coalition in what has been a close race.

Together with his presidential vice-presidential running mate Francia Márquez, Gustavo Petro has advanced a favorable result for the coalition they represent.

Since they have announced that they have a number of votes in their favor after the second round of voting in Colombia this Sunday, June 19.

Meanwhile the percentage of 47,16% of votes and a total of 10, 242, 764 votes of results of the League of Anticorruption Rulers whose candidate is Rodolfo Hernandez and vice presidential candidate Marelen Castillo present a % of the vote count all with official numbers from the Registrar's Office.

This note was made with the support of a group of journalists who cover the first-round elections in Colombia, sponsored by Global Exchange in collaboration with Peninsula 360 Press.

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