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POY LATAM: new edition of the Latin American photography contest


The most important Latin American photography contest in the region, POY LATAM, opened its announcement for its seventh edition with the aim that, through photography, Latin Americans appropriate their own narratives.

«We must fight against the simplistic attempts of the press in developed countries to pigeonhole Latin America within stereotypes of violence and exoticism. We are certainly much more than that. We have to appropriate our own narratives, tell our own stories, and do it without fear, without imposed rules, “says the call for the contest. 

Looking south and from the south. This summarizes the objective of this edition of the contest that will be in charge of the Advisory Council made up of Gael Almeida, Angela Berlinde, Maíra Gamarra, Manuel Ortiz, Yinna Higuera, Gisela Volá, Tiago Santa and Pablo Corral Vega, director of POY Latam.

Despite the changes that will take place in decision-making, the contest will maintain its free nature and transparency in judging. 

In addition, two sections will be created, one for classic photojournalism and another more open category with the aim of welcoming new trends. Each of the sections will have two different juries, but the second and third prizes will be eliminated.

The POY Latam will also advance with the objective of establishing itself as a non-profit foundation so that, in addition to organizing the contest, it builds a permanent educational agenda and a continuous presence in networks with an egalitarian agenda and the defense of human rights.

The jury will receive works from April 1 to 30 and the judging will take place from May 25 to 28; There are 17 categories both in classic photography and in the open category whose rules, which can be reviewed at: https://poylatam.org/, contemplate a very wide range of jobs that can enter.

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