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Melania Trump lashes out at immigrant children

Christian Carlos. Peninsula 360 Press.

This weekend, after positive diagnosis by COVID-19an audio of Melania Trump lashing out at migrant children was released. "Who the f*** cares about Christmas?" she said, referring to the 2018 decorations in detention centers for migrant minors. "But it's something I have to do, right?" she justified herself, later adding, "Give me a f***ing break," she said when forced to share her agenda on migrant children detention centers.

The recordings of the First Lady's voice were broadcast exclusively for "Anderson Cooper 360" on CNN's international news network. The voice of the wife of the United States was obtained without permission by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff who is in the fashion and entertainment industry and served as a senior advisor to the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

In the recording, it can be heard how both women have a dialogue where Melania Trump can be seen excessively stressed and frustrated and Wolkoff nodding and agreeing with the First Lady's arguments. This, after being criticized for the Trump administration's measures to separate families that illegally cross the border with Mexico, at the same time that, within her agenda, by tradition, the First Lady goes to these centers to help with Christmas decorations.

Let's remember that there are only less than 30 days left for the U.S. elections to be held on November 3, where Donald Trump, also positive for COVID-19, intends to be reelected and continue in The White House for one more term. He held a debate last week with his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden.

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