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New York: The streets are ours

Text Próspero Martínez
Courtesy of El Molino News

Photo: Yogi Ariza

Forward! Forward! The struggle is constant! It was one of the many slogans that the people, the worthy people, chanted with enthusiasm.

After a long trek from New York City to the state capital, Albany, the people arrived along with those brothers and sisters in struggle who made the walk, to continue to demand the right to unemployment insurance, the excluded workers' fund and health insurance.

At the place of concentration to begin the march, while the leaders were organizing the order of the contingents, a citizen exercised her right to security by calling the security forces because of the unusual mobilization.

With drums, improvised trumpets, stringed instruments and a wind band in the midst of the organizations, they showed the excitement of the organized people.

Photo: Yogi Ariza

Some comrades, shy at first, while others danced and chanted, little by little the march turned into a festive struggle. The dull bridge became the scene of a people's struggle and, arriving between the buildings, we soon saw the imposing building where Governor Hochul offices. The surprising thing was the strategically placed metal fences, as a warning that this building was not accessible to the working people who had struggled to get there. But in a symbolic and improvised way, the speakers repeated the petitions over and over again at the foot of a statue and the park soon became welcoming.

But that was not all: the march continued on its route and suddenly we ran into fragile secured glass doors. The contingent was still able to enter a narrow door and again the people embraced their struggle through the speakers, inside the building where the lords of souls and gray hats no longer let us advance.

The peoples, always respectful, protested again. The brass band was ready and the comrades of the Transnational Peoples Network were happy to achieve their goal.

As a farewell, the band came out playing "El son del coyotito".

Photo: Yogi Ariza

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