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Outlook 2022

By Samuel Cortés Hamdan. Peninsula 360 Press [P360P].

The guerrilla of the Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN) calls the mandate of Iván Duque ?the third government of Álvaro Uribe?, denouncing the continuity of a model of threat to social rights in the South American country, criminalization of protest and social mobilization and violence from the State against the popular classes.

The arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to the Planalto Palace occurred amid such a number of arbitrary irregularities that it constitutes one of the darkest points of the slow and painful Latin American democratic process, in addition to the fact that the ex-military officer came to government to impose a frivolous imbecility in discourse and a cynical carelessness in the second most populous country on the continent. 

These two countries of the difficult Latin American panorama face elections in 2022, in what is seen as an opportunity to strengthen the progressive bloc advanced in recent years in the region, with the contradictions, inadequacies and nuances that we can describe in their cases, in their concrete examples, in their ambiguities.

Thus, the year that is beginning seems like an opportunity to reiterate what Latin America has gained in its recent electoral processes: not so much the individualizing praise of Luis Arce, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Alberto Fernández, Xiomara Castro or Gabriel Boric, but the exercise of history in the hands of the majorities, and the public awareness of an authoritarian past that must be democratized towards an intense dialogue of open avenues.

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