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Prayer to Mother Death

By Marcos Eusebio GutiĆ©rrez  
My first contribution to this medium I want it to be a prayer to Mother Death, not Santa Muerte but Mother Death, there is a big difference.     

In the future, my articles will be about contemporary news. But today here goes. 

Mother Death who persists in eternity and in the universe and who gathers all your children eventually on this earth, listen to my prayer that came from my heart and it is to ask your forgiveness.     

Sorry on behalf of all the societies that we have commercialized you, demonized you, and painted you as the ?skinny ugly calaca? that comes hiding in the dark and takes innocent boys and girls, men, women and everything else, and deposits their bodies in the dust machine and their souls in different parts of the universe depending on their earthly behavior.

Also Mother Death, forgive all of us who, upon seeing you arrive, grumbled, shouted, cried, and sometimes even insulted you. 

Forgive likewise those who by their unthoughtful actions call you and sometimes find you before your time. 

Mother Death, I ask you to help us to understand that you are only the last chapter of what we call life and that instead of what we have invented for ourselves, we ourselves, as the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds go by, we ourselves, Mother Death, become you. Amen. 

Well, they say that the importance of things is the importance we give to them. 

Thank you for your attention and see you next time. 

* Marcos GutiĆ©rrez is a journalist and broadcaster. He hosts Hecho en California on radio KiQi 1010 AM, San Francisco. 

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