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Evacuation Orders Reduced to Warning Only in San Mateo County

Pamela Cruz. Peninsula 360 Press [P360P].

Evacuation orders in San Mateo County were reduced to a warning, so people, who may have been affected by thunderstorms and debris flows due to heavy rains forecast in the area, can return to their homes.

San Mateo County officials said in a brief statement that traffic flow may be disrupted because utility workers are still operating in the area.

The evacuation areas reduced to warning only are:     

South Coast Zone SMC-E019, which includes Coastanoa and Año Nuevo State Park, including Whitehouse Canyon Road and areas south of Gazos Creek Road.

In addition to the communities of Loma Mar and Dearborn Park in the SMC-E018 Zone.

South Coast Zone SMC-038, which includes Butano State Park and the Barranca Knolls Community, west of Cloverdale Road, and the Butano Canyon Community in Zone SMC-E-098.

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