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In order to write, the doors of the heart must be opened

By: Dr. Marcos Eusebio Gutiérrez Peninsula 360 Press

If I were a young man in the middle of spring, with financial and romantic purposes, I would ask myself what message from this old man might interest me, this ruco who throughout his life is not about to arrive but to leave?

Perhaps the message is simply: yes, you can build something from nothing.

This newspaper that you hold in your hand came out of nothing, from an idea of a person like you and me who was encouraged to try to build a better world.

Thus was also born Made in California, radio programming that I direct, and if you don't know it, you should. We're on the air Monday through Saturday and I'm telling you this not only to promote it but to lay out the pattern of where it was born and how it came to be. If you are impressed by the numbers, the programming has generated millions of dollars in the Bay Area.

If you are still reading this message it means that you are interested and that you don't understand the world exclusively with ?swipes? of your fingers from tweet to tweet and facebook to hatebook, thank you.

As you could see, I have a Ph.D., which I earned at the University of San Francisco by completing a study in the 1990s on why we don't have a media that is loyal to our community.

The owners of Univision, Telemundo or Azteca are not interested in the betterment of our community, they only want your eyes, your mind and your money.

In my dissertation, a paper you must write to earn your doctorate, I came to the conclusion that if we do not have media interested in improving our community, it is because our people do not own the media.

And since you are the intelligent person who has continued reading I will give you as promised, to the pattern of what is Made in California,  for you to replicate.

Here you go, Radio Made in California, which by the way if you are interested you can find it at hechoencalifornia1010.com, works on three pillars: a table with three legs, which are the community, the sponsors and the media.

The formula is simple and in my opinion our world would progress if this pattern were duplicated everywhere.

Know that a life well lived leaves this world in a better state than the one in which you found it.

The media depends on the community to support the sponsors, the sponsors financially support the media because the media has convinced the community that by supporting them they will continue to receive decent information and support for their rights.

My wishes, may life continue to favor you in 2022 as it has done so far.

*Marcos Gutiérrez is a journalist and broadcaster. He hosts Hecho en California on radio KiQi 1010 AM, San Francisco.

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