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Two small earthquakes shook Morgan Hill this morning

Pamela Cruz. Peninsula 360 Press [P360P].

On Tuesday morning, the Morgan Hill area was struck by two low-intensity earthquakes within a minute of each other, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The first earthquake was recorded at 6:58 am, with a magnitude of 3.7, and a minute later another M3.6 quake was recorded. So far there are no reports of damage or injuries.

Given the seismicity of the Bay Area, it is important to remain alert for possible movements that may occur in the near future, as well as to always have a contingency plan that allows you to keep yourself and your family and pets safe.

The San Francisco Bay Area has had and will continue to have earthquakes because there are at least eight earthquake faults that can cause very serious damage, according to the USGS, who added that several major earthquakes occurred in 1868, 1906 and 1989; while lower magnitude motions occur more often. 

Scientific research indicates that a strong earthquake is very likely to occur in this region within the next 30 years.

The Geological Survey also notes that the most severe damage will be caused by intense ground shaking, with most of the Bay Area experiencing the strongest shaking. 

Unlike undersea earthquakes, Bay Area earthquakes are not expected to produce tsunamis or violent waves. However, some distant earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean can generate tsunamis or huge waves that can produce damage to the state's coastline.

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