U.S. women's soccer team seeks greater pay equity

Photo: U.S. Soccer

The U.S. Soccer Federation said it strongly believes that the best thing for the future of the sport in the country is to have a single pay structure for both the men's and women's national teams in order to have greater pay equity. 

This proposal will ensure that players from both associations remain among the highest paid senior national teams in the world, while providing a revenue sharing structure that would allow all parties to start afresh and collectively share in the opportunity to combine the investment that will be delivered over the course of a new collective bargaining agreement?

In a comunicadoHe also called on the players and the Associations to join the Federation in finding a way to match the FIFA World Cup prize money, as he will not accept any collective bargaining agreement that does not take the important step of matching those amounts.

World Cups reflect lack of pay equity

It is worth mentioning that the U.S. women's national team, considered one of the best by winning four World Cups, received a prize of $4 million when they won the 2019 World Cup, held in France. 

In comparison, when the French national team took the 2018 World Cup, held in Russia, they received a prize of $38 million, which hints at the lack of pay equity that exists between the men's and women's teams. 

In that regard, the Federation indicated that the best way to achieve these important objectives is by bringing together the Men's and Women's Players' Associations to negotiate a contract. 

However, he pointed out that if the players' associations choose to continue negotiating separately, as they have done to date, the women's association will be invited to participate in those of the men's association and vice versa, for the sake of full transparency. 

The federation ?remains eager, ready and willing to meet with both the players' associations and the players as soon as possible, and as often as necessary, either separately or together to close a deal and focus on the future of football? 

A PR stunt?

The women's soccer association responded to the public announcement of the offer via Twitter, which it called a public relations stunt and again reiterated its belief that the federation was not negotiating in good faith.

"The Federation's public relations gimmicks and negotiating through the media will not bring us any closer to a fair agreement. On the contrary, we are committed to bargaining in good faith to achieve equal pay and the safest possible working conditions."

And is that, so far, the U.S. Federation has not released details about the contract offered to both parties, the only information we have is that it is the same contract, but there would be other reasons why the women's association would be rejecting the offer.

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