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"No one has the right to extinguish your dreams": Celina Rodríguez

celina rodriguez
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By Constanza Mazzotti

Celina Rodríguez chose her profession as a journalist since she was little, a job she has practiced for more than thirty years and with which she has broken borders to support the migrant society in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

It is for this reason and, due to his extensive experience in the Mexican and American media, that he knows that "no one has the right to turn off your dreams."

There are several ways to practice a profession and one of them is commitment, Celina Rodríguez, she has been practicing journalism, perhaps, since before she knew it herself, when instead of following rules that dictated that women not dedicate themselves to that type of work, he chose to follow his instincts and enroll in a degree in Communication Sciences from ITESO at the Jesuit University of Guadalajara.

Since then, and tirelessly, she has established herself for more than 17 years within the Bay Area community as one of the journalists most committed to the well-being of Latino and migrant society, promoting housing access services. , health and social well-being among people who have difficulties with the English language.

In an interview for Peninsula 360 Press during the segment "Portraits of the Bay Area", he comments that one of his dreams was always to be a microphone to give voice to silenced people; a fact that has been carried out not only from journalism, but also from Stanford's Journalism program, John Knight Fellowship for Professional Journalists.

Celina Rodríguez also has a prolific career in journalism in Mexico in newssystem and in California in written press, radio and television. She was also one of the founders of the San Francisco newspaper "El Mensajero Newspaper", as well as the first Mexican news anchor in the Bay Area with the "newscast 48» of KSTS and a long-time news anchor on «CNN» en Español.

He currently practices journalism from his own company that allows him to freely select the coverage, which he broadcasts from his most famous program "Interview with Celina" through two radio programs, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

For more details about Celina Rodriguez and her journalistic work, visit the interview on the Instagram account of @peninsula360press.

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