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Porfirio Muñoz Ledo criticizes "militarization" of Mexico and calls to combat it

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, former president of the Chamber of Deputies and member of the National Regeneration Movement party, better known as Morena, which was founded by the current president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, criticized the "militarization of AMLO" through a letter he published on social networks on Monday.

The former Morenista federal deputy, through a letter entitled "Call to restore the republic", condemned the decision of Mexican President López Obrador to grant the command of the National Guard -which has more than 13 thousand elements- to the National Defense Secretariat.

Before assuming the presidency, Lopez Obrador -better known as AMLO- declared that the military should be taken off the streets and returned to the barracks, which is why the decision has been strongly criticized by analysts, opponents and the citizens themselves, as it contradicts all the statements made by the president before coming to power.

Our heroic soldiers and sailors are not "CORCHOLATAS" in the service of tropical chieftains, Muñoz Ledo wrote. 

«Once again the military in the streets with the unstoppable spilling of citizens' blood. An internal war agreed upon by the government with crime.», Muñoz Ledo stressed, referring to the war against drug trafficking declared by former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa during his six-year term.

He also called on Mexican citizens "to denounce and fight by all legitimate means the sordid purpose of militarizing the country at the end of this six-year term". 

Muñoz Ledo pointed out that President López Obrador's decision is "a serious constitutional violation". 

"Let us reject provocation and lies. Let us forge FIGHTING UNITY FOR PEACE. Let us exercise the sacred right of resistance to oppression. Any weakness in the face of despotism is an anticipated suicide," Muñoz Ledo concluded in his letter.

Organizations such as Amnesty International rejected the president's decision, through a publication on Twitter.

"We regret the statement made by President @lopezobrador_ on the agreement for the #GuardiaNacional to depend on the @SEDENAmx attacking the constitutional powers of the Legislative Branch and perpetuating the approach of militarizing Public Security," he said.

Likewise, the organization specified that "public security should be in the hands of civilian personnel, as established by the norms of international human rights law that Mexico has ratified".

In addition, the UN Human Rightsurged that "the civilian nature of the National Guard and public security, enshrined in the Constitution, be maintained".

In response to the criticism, the President said in one of his morning conferences that the "reactionaries and repressors use as an excuse or pretext ?we do not want to militarize the country? And what did they do? did they not declare war and did they not dedicate themselves to repressing the people? Now human rights are respected, there is no torture, there are no massacres".

Although the President stated in recent days that the National Guard "will continue to be a civilian institution depending on the Ministry of Defense", this incorporation means that it will have a military command.

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