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San Mateo County is hiring messengers for election materials

election material couriers
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The primary elections are just around the corner, as there are only 18 days to go before democracy is exercised again through the vote of all citizens on June 7.

In response, the Registration and Elections Division of the San Mateo County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk-Recorder's Office has announced that it is hiring individuals to serve as Election Material Messengers. 

Couriers are responsible for returning election materials from polling places and drop boxes throughout San Mateo County on election night, so their work is of utmost importance to the election system.

The city offers election material couriers $85 for election night and an additional $15 for attending mandatory training, for a total of $100 for the day.

These employees must be willing to work on election night in order to be paid for training. In addition, drivers will receive mileage reimbursement of $0.560 per mile - distance calculated from the assignment to the receiving station, not from the job site/home.

It should be noted that these county employees will receive their bonus as part of their next paycheck(s) and their mileage reimbursement as a separate check.

Parent-child teams are possible as long as the assistant is 15 years old and the driver is at least 18 years old.

For more information, interested parties may contact the Registration and Elections Division of the San Mateo County Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk-Recorder's Office at couriers@smcacre.org or by clicking here. here.

Please note that the Registration and Elections Division currently prioritizes applications that provide drivers and assistants from the same household.

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