About us

Peninsula 360 Press is a cross-cultural digital communication and education studio focused on amplifying the voices of migrant communities.

We serve the great ethnic diversity in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, as well as the regions of origin of the migrant communities in this area, particularly in Latin America.

We use collaborative journalism, social research, art, new technologies and print media to communicate and unite communities around social justice, human rights, democracy, health, culture and the environment.

We are a group of migrants of different nationalities, ways of thinking, professions and trades, working in partnership with community organizations, media and businesses.

We have four areas of work: community journalism, audio-visual production, digital and print.

Audiovisual Narrative Workshop for Children and Adolescents given by Península 360 Press and Casa Círculo Cultural
Community journalism workshop given by Peninsula 360 Press to activists in San Mateo County, California.
Peninsula 360 Press community reporter Enrique Esparza interviews a member of the Chinese community during the Lunar New Year Festival in Redwood City, California.

Duvan Caro Tapia (right), farmer and journalist, interviews villagers from Montes de María, a rural region in the Colombian Caribbean, during Peninsula 360 Press' coverage of Colombia's presidential elections, supported by Global Exchange. Caro is a regular contributor to Peninsula 360 Press on Afro-Latin American community issues.

Founder and Director
Manuel Ortiz Escámez

Anna Lee Mraz Bartra

Pamela Cruz

Audio and video coordinator
Hans Leguizamo

transmedia coordinator

Cristian Carlos Juarez


Ignacio Dominguez

Pencil Stela

Connie Guerrero

Irma Gallo

Raul Romero

Robert Diaz

Constanza Mazzotti

Enrique Esparza

Duvan Caro Tapia

Internet and social networks

Andrea Hernandez

Carlos Trujillo


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