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Amazon says goodbye to its biggest charity program

In the midst of a brutal series of layoffs, Amazon, the largest American e-commerce and cloud services corporation in the...
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Three moments of political imagination in Chile and the new constitution

For Mario Saavedra, a painter from Valparaíso, and Nina Avellaneda, a writer from Limache, Chileans who gave me life Samuel Cortés Hamdan 0. A threat to...

The extraction of life in Michoacan lands

The face of the lawyer Ricardo Lagunes and Professor Antonio Díaz have appeared on various posters and publications on social networks since the day...

The hell of flying on Copa Airlines and the ordeal of crossing immigration in Panama

The latex-gloved hands of the woman in uniform pass over my breasts swollen from producing milk daily. "Turn around,"....


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Capture of Ovidio: a message to the Sinaloa Cartel

Luego de que el pasado 5 de enero, mediante un operativo en la ciudad de Culiacán, Sinaloa, se lograra la captura de Ovidio Guzmán...

What's next for the US economy in 2023? Experts warn of a possible economic recession

The threats of a recession for the US economy in 2023 remain latent despite the fact that inflation has come down...

"Suicide pact", 230 years of an obsolete law

After 40 mass shootings were recorded throughout the country in the first 26 days of the year, 5 of them in California:...

All children deserve access to a quality education, free from bullying

By Sunita Sohrabji. Ethnic Media Services. What constitutes a healthy learning environment for elementary school children? Will admissions based on the...

Experts call on Congress to guarantee equal access to education in the US.

From the beginning of this 2023 and in the last months of 2022, experts have analyzed the importance of guaranteeing equal access...


Gastronomic diversity grows in the U.S. thanks to immigrant communities

Gastronomic diversity is growing in the U.S. thanks to the multiplicity of immigrant communities in the country, but not only that, because the food...


Shelters are activated in Redwood City due to the threat of icy nights

The city council announced that emergency shelter beds in Redwood City for severe weather conditions are activated in anticipation of freezing cold nights. So,...

San Mateo County residents may qualify for federal disaster assistance

Residents of San Mateo County will now be able to qualify for federal disaster assistance, after the area was included in...

Storm damage continues in California amid more rain

While the storms in California in the last three weeks have caused great damage in various communities, weather services have predicted new...