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Latino community, advocate for their rights for redistricting in Durham, N.C.

Last September, a public hearing was held in Durham County by the Northern California General Assembly to discuss the...


Facebook: Will it be the beginning of the fall of the social networking giant?

Slowly, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp apps are recovering from one of the worst crashes in their recent history, for which they were...
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San Mateo County Local News

Peninsula 360 Press is a collaborative digital media outlet based in Redwood City, California, local news of interest to the SF community.

Violence against women in Mexico's contemporary visual arts

By Eli Bartra and Liliana Elvira Moctezuma. PRESENTATION In this very dismal time we are living in, people talk about THE pandemic all the time. But it is...

The 501st year of the Resistance

By Raúl Romero. Peninsula 360 Press Friday, August 13, 2021. In Mexico City's Zócalo, President Andrés Manuel Zelaya, who...


By Raúl Romero. Peninsula 360 Press In Mexico there are first class citizens, second class citizens and people who, even though they were born in Mexico, are not...


U.S. USA & World

How is the purging of the electoral roll and the delivery of the new identification document progressing in Honduras?

By Helen Montoya/Centro de Estudios para la Democracia (Cespad) With less than 40 days to go before the general elections take place, the purging...

Congolese refugees in the U.S. struggle to survive COVID-19

The Congolese community in the U.S. has been steadily increasing in recent decades. Most of them are refugees and asylum seekers who...

Georgia's Communities of Color Seek Equitable Redistricting

Every decade Georgia lawmakers draw new congressional district maps to reflect population shifts with the goal of achieving...

November elections in Honduras will define the future of democracy in the country and could be a trend-setter in Central America

Tegucigalpa - Honduras is one of the nations hardest hit by poverty, violence and climate change in Central and South America; however, the country...

Cargo Vessels Stranded at Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports

Sources indicate that both ports account for 40 percent of all imported goods entering the United States.


Close to home, a Fonda

Anna Lee Mraz Bartra. Peninsula 360 Press You push open the glass door of the inn and a familiar warmth invades you, followed by the...


Autumn sports pose a health and safety challenge

This opening weekend of AYSO soccer brought with it soccer balls, shin guards and cleats, but also, the mandatory use of mouth covers and...

U.S. women's soccer team seeks greater pay equity

The U.S. Soccer Federation said it strongly believes that the best thing for the future of the sport in the country is to have...

What is Alfredo Gutierrez's future with the 49ers?

Mexican offensive lineman Alfredo Gutierrez was left off the list of 53 players who will be part of the starting lineup of the 49ers....

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