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Newsom Announces $47 Million in Funding for Homeless Housing for California Tribes

Newsom Announces $47 Million in Funding for Homeless Housing for California Tribes

The Governor Gavin Newsom announced $47 million in new housing funding that will increase efforts to prevent and end homelessness, as well as meet the housing and community service needs of California's tribal nations. 

Support includes $20 million in tribal homeless assistance grants from the Business, Consumer and Housing Agency ?BCSH? to fund projects in 16 tribal communities across the state.

In addition, four Homekey grants from the Department of Housing and Community Development ?HCD? for a total of $27 million to fund 75 homes for members of four tribes, including homeless youth.

"California is investing to get people off the streets and into safe housing across the state, with a particular focus on Native Americans and populations disproportionately affected by homelessness," Governor Newsom said.

Additionally, it was reported that an additional $20 million in tribal grants will be awarded in 2023.

“California tribal nations have been actively working to address housing insecurity, overcrowding and homelessness, but financing for housing and homelessness has often been an obstacle,” the BCSH secretary noted. , Lourdes Castro Ramirez. 

The official specified that these new direct resources will lead tribal leaders to move more quickly to face the unique challenges that members of their communities have. “We are committed to supporting the priorities set by tribal leaders and these grants will help address specific needs identified by tribal leadership. We look forward to expanding this partnership in the future."

Homekey has funded more than 200 projects that, when complete, are expected to provide more than 12,500 temporary and permanent homes for Californians experiencing or at risk of homelessness. So far, more than 140 homes have been financed in partnership with tribes.

“The mission of HCD's California Indian Assistance Program is to provide technical assistance to tribal partners to ensure access to housing funds and programs, including Homekey,” said HCD Director Gustavo Velasquez. "These four Homekey projects announced today are just the beginning: HCD will continue to collaborate directly with tribal communities and partners to meet their unique housing needs."

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