A new fiscal year has begun, and with it, the tax return.


It's a new year and with it, a new tax year begins, which means that, for many Americans, they find themselves in need of filing taxes in order to get tax relief.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the economy of U.S. society, it is forcing people to advance or delay their tax requirements.

That's why Ethnic Media Services has organized an informational event entitled "The 2022 Tax Filing Season: IRS News Your Audiences Need to Know" featuring U.S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Charles Rettig.

Rettig urged citizens to comply with their tax obligations, since the U.S. tax system has facilitated access to vulnerable sectors of the population.

Charles Rettig acknowledged that while unexpected events have occurred, this in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been present since 2020, it is important to be up to date to avoid errors or incidents that delay the tax filing process.

In addition, he noted that most of the common procedures that a taxpayer can carry out are available on the site in Spanish. https://www.irs.gov/es for localized assistance, so that people who do not know English can comply with their tax declaration.

The site is translated into 20 languages and English.

"It lists everything you need to know," Rettig said. For, on the website, you can even find software tools to prepare the tax package if you opt for electronic filing. For example, if you own a business or are self-employed.

There, it is explained in detail who is subject to tax obligations, what they are and how to file them. For example, a COVID-19 pandemic emergent program is maintained, but if you have a problem, you can access the Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA), which is a tool that provides answers to some tax law questions that are particular to your individual circumstances. 

Rettig pointed out the importance of carrying out any tax procedure in a secure manner. And, they assure, "the information you provide (to the IRS) is anonymous. It will not be shared, stored or used for any other purpose". Therefore, they are committed to protecting the taxpayer's privacy.


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