San Mateo County artists to participate in new art exhibit in Redwood City

art exhibit in Redwood City
Maria Sanchez. Courtesy photo.

The Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announced the opening of a new art exhibit in Redwood City aimed at forging an inclusive community in San Mateo County, where 7 local artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work.

The art exhibit in Redwood City, grew out of a community-wide call for artists of all ages and abilities who live or work in San Mateo County, the organizations said in a release. 

Thus, 7 artists were selected to exhibit their artwork in a broad, stimulating and captivating manner. 

The main objective of the art exhibitions is to promote local artists by exhibiting their artwork at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Community Space (CZI) and to provide an opportunity to promote community education, awareness and understanding.

"Art inspires new ways of thinking about the world, breaks down barriers and forges community bonds. Our sense of community is an important part of being human. The act of bridging with other humans, regardless of our differences, helps us grow and learn more about each other and ourselves," said Pamela Estes, president of the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation. 

He added, it is possible to create a more inclusive, diverse and vibrant community through art. "Activating this dedicated CZI Community Space for community artists and the public to come together is the heart and soul of this effort."

The seven artists presenting their work at the Redwood City art exhibit will be Jose Castro, Elizabeth Gomez, Winsor Kinkade, Pedro Rivas Lopez, Manuel Ortiz, Maria Sanchez and Laurie Satizabal.

Manuel Ortiz, documentary photographer and journalist, explained that this is the opening of a space to create community through different art forms. 

"It will be an exhibition where there is everything from painting to documentary photography. The idea is for the community to dialogue about different very local issues through artists from the area." 

"What I tried to do is to capture and make visible those trades and professions of migrants that we cannot do without, but are not always recognized," said Ortiz, who will exhibit a series of photographs documenting part of his work in different parts of San Mateo County.

The exhibit will be located at 801 Jefferson Ave. in Redwood City, and will be open to the public on the last Thursday of each month, beginning April 18 and closing August 25 with hours between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

While admission is completely free, to attend the art exhibition in Redwood City it is necessary to reserve your place three days in advance, so those interested can register on the date of their choice by giving click here.

To gain access to the event, registered guests are required to show proof of vaccination and a booster vaccination status - if eligible. In addition, guests must wear an N95 or KN95 mask, and if they do not have one, they may request one at the entrance.

Public parking will be available immediately across the street in the Jefferson Avenue garage.

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