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"Contradeseo", the darkest side of friendship in a novel by Gloria Susana Esquivel

Counter wish of Gloria Susana Esquivel
The novel Contradeseo by Gloria Susana Esquivel is this Saturday's recommendation. Camilasbooks brings us a recommendation that, in the reviewer's own words, has deeply affected her.

This Saturday, she brings us a recommendation that, in the reviewer's own words, has deeply affected her. The novel Contradeseo by Gloria Susana Esquivel, he said, presents the darkest side of friendship, where the characters face their own desires and miseries in a very small and quite intense environment.

The author of Colombian origin, who in addition to being a writer is also a journalist, teacher and poet, said Camilasbooks, is not going to disappoint you, because through the story she presents, "it is very engaging." in a not very long reading that carries the text in a dynamic and fun way.

The book talks about migration with the search for a rather diffuse future, explained Camilasbook.

Through this story, we learn the story of Silvia, a woman who breaks up with her partner and is left with an existential crisis, she has nowhere to stay and is in a country that is not hers because she is Latina and is living in the United States. .

Faced with this problem, she contacts her friend Teresa, who is newly married and offers her to stay at her house for a day while she manages to fix her situation; This stay begins to lengthen, so they make an agreement and Silvia stays in the house in exchange for domestic service, which becomes an intricate game of desires and intense discovery.

?As the days go by, the protagonists find themselves involved in this dynamic that totally challenges the boundaries of what is work and what is sensual and, through this narrative, they somehow immerse us in an identity analysis of the power of sexuality, immersing ourselves in the darkest corners of our minds?, says Camilasbooks.

To learn more about this recommendation, listen to Camilasbooks in her review this week.



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