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Farewell to the iconic blue bird, an X came to replace it

Goodbye to the iconic blue bird, they announce the end of the name of Twitter, an X came to replace it

Of Twitter little or nothing remains. Yesterday, the owner of the social network, Elon Musk, as well as its current CEO, Linda Yaccarino, announced the end of the Twitter name. No more tweets. Today the network appears under the name X, and the company goes by the name X Corp, a subsidiary of X Holdings Corp that encompasses Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal.

With brief, until then "tweets", Musk announced the end of an era, announcing that the logo would come to life this Sunday. 

A few minutes later, Linda Yaccarino wrote on the same network: «It is an exceptionally rare thing, in life or in business, that you get a second chance to make another great impression. Twitter made a huge impression and changed the way we communicate. Now, X will go further, transforming the global town square."

“X is the future state of limitless interactivity, focused on audio, video, messaging, payment/banking, creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we've only just begun to imagine."

The current CEO of now X, specified that the recent changes in the social network are just the beginning of what it will become.

 “For years, fans and critics alike have pushed Twitter to dream bigger, innovate faster, and reach our great potential. X will do that and more. We've already started to see X take shape over the last 8 months through our rapid feature releases, but we're just getting started."

“There is absolutely no limit to this transformation. X will be the platform that can offer, well… everything. @elonmusk can't wait to work with our teams and each of our partners to bring X to the world."

Thus, on the night of this Sunday, July 23, 2023, the headquarters of the social network, located in San Francisco, California, lit up with a large X, starting the new project under the command of Elon.

The song of the bird fell silent and now the tweets will be replaced, according to Elon Musk, by "x's". 

Influencers, politicians, writers, artists, and the general public, had diverse reactions to the announcement, although those against the radical change both to the image and to the functions that have been reflected in recent months stood out.

Images of blue birds, with an X in their eyes that allude to the new brand, have flown in flocks throughout the network, recalling the end of the emblematic social network that was launched in July 2006. One that, although it did not give much space to write in the beginning ?140 characters?, was a fundamental piece in transcendental events in various aspects, both political and social.

After a series of speculations that affected the price of Twitter on the stock market, on October 27, 2022, businessman and magnate Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, acquiring control of the platform.

Since then, problems have arisen for many: massive layoffs, changes to the platform, elimination of account verification and payments to obtain them, theft of identities, user departures, and the return of some who, due to previous policies, had been suspended.

And it is that, after the elimination of some policies, the Center to Counter Digital Hate and the Anti-Defamation League pointed out in a report that the volume of hate speech on Twitter grew dramatically under the leadership of Musk, a situation that the tycoon refuted after saying that the "impressions of hate speech" had decreased drastically since he took office.

The black background of the new X logo reflects, for many, the uncertainty of what the platform will be, one that warns is just beginning.

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Pamela Cruz
Pamela Cruz
Editor-in-Chief of Peninsula 360 Press. A communicologist by profession, but a journalist and writer by conviction, with more than 10 years of media experience. Specialized in medical and scientific journalism at Harvard and winner of the International Visitors Leadership Program scholarship from the U.S. government.


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