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FedEx employees held incommunicado in Indianapolis shooting, 8 killed

According to the latest report from authorities, the assailant fired shots inside the Indianapolis FedEx facility. Employees were unable to call emergency services.

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Christian Carlos. Peninsula 360 Press [P360P].

Eight people lost their lives and at least 60 were wounded, one in critical condition. According to information from the authorities, the assailant had shot directly at 20 people; however, the bullets hit others. The wounded were taken to nearby hospitals.

The perpetrator took his own life. His identity is unknown.

The victims were later identified.

The FedEx facility is located near the Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Indianapolis Police Department spokeswoman Ganae Cook said, "After a preliminary search of the grounds inside and out, we have located eight people on the scene with gunshot wounds. Those eight were pronounced lifeless at the scene."

According to the account, the assailant reportedly began shooting outside the FedEx facility and then entered the building and continued shooting. "We talked to witnesses and began securing the scene. We have many hours of work to conclude," said Craig McCartt, deputy chief of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police.

However, according to testimony from FedEx workers, the company is now "reevaluating" its policy of moving employees away from their personal communication devices. This means that workers inside FedEx facilities did not have their phones with them to call emergency services.

Subsequently, it transcended via social networks according to several testimonies, that the company does require its employees to leave any electronic communication device in safeguard. After the attack that caused the death of 8 people, the logistics company has not lifted this restriction; instead, it will soon evaluate whether this policy should be changed:

This restriction meant that 110 workers inside the FedEx facilities could not communicate outside to report what had happened or, in any case, to report their situation either to 911 or directly to their families.

Family members of working people were sheltered in a hotel After the attack, they denounce via social networks, that due to FedEx's policy, they could not communicate with their loved ones to know their situation firsthand.

Sadly, Peninsula 360 Press, has reported on frequent shootings in the United States, such as the one in the community of Bryan in Texasthe one of the Orange County, Mission in San Francisco and a minor who left one injured at Fremont.

Peninsula 360 Press, in addition to covering the events, has also given the community space on its multiple platforms to speak out about the indiscriminate use of firearms. In one of Peninsula 360 Press's live productions silence was observed to honor the victims of the tragedy in Cherokee County, Atlanta, Georgia..

Once again, Peninsula 360 Press condemns any violent action. Through our reporting, we have been informing about the risks of the use and sale of firearms - both by authorities and civilians. Recently, California Gov, Gavin Newsom, welcomed U.S. President Joseph Biden's stance on his intention to minimize gun violence.. And alarming figures were presented that made 2020 deadliest year ever for firearms that the COVID-19 pandemic could not stop.

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