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Gladiators Boxing Gym forms champions in Redwood City

Courtesy of Gladiators Boxing Gym / Center, Antonio Renteria, with Mariana Gonzalez and Alexis Gomez, two professional boxers who pre-qualified for the U.S. Olympic qualifiers for the 2020 Olympic Games.

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Redwood City. Gladiators Boxing Gym is a training center for boxers that was created by Eloy Ramirez in Redwood City during the 1990s. Currently this center, which trains from children to professional boxers, is owned by Antonio Renteria.

Coach Antonio Rentería. Photo courtesy of Gladiators Boxing Gym

Born in Redwood City and son of Mexican immigrants from Jalisco, Renteria joined Gladiators Boxing Gym in 1994 at the age of 14. In 2004 he competed in the renowned "Golden Gloves" tournament and reached the semifinals, "but then I had a family and went to work, but I never stopped boxing, I never left Gladitors Boxing Gym," said Renteria. In 2017, Ramirez retired and Renteria remained in charge of the gym.

Gladiators Boxing Gym works with San Mateo County and provides training for kids who have been bullied in school, have low self-esteem and other emotional problems. They've brought us girls who cut their bodies or who have attempted suicide. These are the kids who have no social life or are rejected by society for the way they communicate or act," Renteria said.

According to Rentería, ?boxing takes away the anger that these children bring with them and allows them to open up, communicate with other children and even find friendships, and this allows them to rebuild their self-esteem?

In addition to amateur training, Gladiators Boxing Gym has also trained national champions. Currently this gym trains Mariana Gonzalez and Alexis Gomez, two professional boxers who pre-qualified for the U.S. team qualifiers for the 2020 Olympic Games that were to be held in Japan, but were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Courtesy of Gladiators Boxing Gym

Glatiators Boxing Gym has adapted to the hygiene and safety measures demanded by the COVID-19 pandemic. The training sessions, which cost one hundred dollars a month, continue, but for the moment they are only private.

For more information visit the Gladiators Boxing Gym website.

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