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Hate crimes in California increase more than 20 percent in 2022

Hate crimes in California increase more than 20 percent in 2022

Attorney General Rob Bonta noted that, according to a new report, hate crimes in California increased 20.2 percent from 2021 to 2022, a figure that could be underreported, as many of the incidents go unreported.

During a round table in Fresno, where he was accompanied by the mayor of that city, Jerry Dyer, he stated that attacks on people of African descent increased 27 percent, while hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation prejudices grew 29 percent.

"We have the data from the California Department of Justice, and "hate crimes" are increasing year after year in all categories," he said.

β€œIn California, we must stand united against hate and extremism. There is no place for hate in California,” Bonta said. 

β€œI am proud to support our local partners to identify best practices, encourage community engagement, and work toward community-driven solutions to eliminate hate and extremism. Our message to Californians: we see you, we support you and we will do our part to ensure that every Californian feels safe in their cities and communities,” he added.

Fresno County is no stranger to hate crimes, as a total of 23 incidents were reported last year, including 13 in the city of Fresno. 

It is worth remembering that, earlier this year, the popular Fresno restaurant Tasty Thai, joined the growing list and was forced to close after racist attacks and claims that the owners served dog meat.

?When I realized how bad it was, I knew we had to choose safety first and that's why we closed. And the reason is because my parents have been immigrants for 40 years and they don't even know what social media is, David Rasavong, owner of the Tasty Thai restaurant, told the officials.

State and local leaders have focused on solutions that include a stronger response to hate and bias, as well as strengthening prosecution and enforcement. 

"Unfortunately, when we talk about the issue of hate and hate incidents and crimes, it is often underreported, to the point that it is difficult in law enforcement to have a true measure of the impact," the mayor noted. of Fresno, Jerry Dyer.

In May 2021, Attorney Bonta launched the Office of Racial Justice which supports the California Department of Justice in promoting the civil rights of all Californians, playing a critical role in combating hate and bias in the state.

This publication was supported in whole or part by funding provided by the State of California, ayou administeredred by the CaliFornia State Library.

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Pamela Cruz
Pamela Cruz
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