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Healthy community murals unveiled in North Fair Oaks

Healthy community murals unveiled in North Fair Oaks
Photo: P360P

This Saturday morning, October 7, children, adults and seniors were able to be part of the inauguration of the healthy community murals in North Fair Oaks, which are part of a project that seeks to bring culturally significant public art to the community and improve the beautification of a highly traveled space.

The murals covering the 5th Avenue underpass in North Fair Oaks, which is a busy pedestrian and bicycle path used by residents and visitors, were created by Emily Fromm, a visual artist known for painting contemporary urban landscapes that highlight local businesses, iconic architecture and diverse communities.

Healthy community murals unveiled in North Fair Oaks
Photo: P360P

The Angelina who lives and works in San Mateo County, was in charge of capturing the soul of the community throughout 19 panels in which residents participated, who helped give color to the works.

"When I first heard the announcement of an open public art proposal for the Fifth Avenue underpass, I was moved by the community initiative and the attention that was given to each step before residents were surveyed to ensure that Would the neighborhood have a say in the concepts of the works of art" Fromm said during her speech at the inauguration.

Emily Fromm, a visual artist known for painting contemporary cityscapes highlighting local businesses, iconic architecture and diverse communities, created the murals covering the 5th Avenue underpass in North Fair Oaks. Photo: P360P

The artist acknowledged that the original creators of these murals, such as Dr. Ana Avendaño, Kent Manske and Linda López, spent many years advocating for their approval and organization.

"The project was ultimately approved thanks to her efforts and arts advocates like Supervisor Warren Slocum and the San Mateo Office of Arts and Culture, allowing a local artist like me the honor of bringing the community's vision here to life. himself", she highlighted.

Photo: P360P

"As an artist who paints places in our urban environment, I was immediately impressed by the unique beauty, color and vibrant culture of North Fair Oaks. The businesses, streets and distinctive landscaping seemed to echo the neighborhood's rich history", she added.

Photo: P360P

Emily Fromm explored North Fair Oaks by foot, bike and car, got a haircut, went to the public library, sampled steak al pastor, charcoal chicken, cilantro coleslaw, fresh-cut fruit and coffee, and enjoyed warm summer mornings and musical walks along Middfield Road in order to soak in the area and capture it in her work.

Photo: P360P

This was joined by meetings with representatives of community organizations such as Casa Círculo Cultural, El Concilio, and the public libraries of San Mateo.

More than 100 people helped paint the 19 panels, from professional artists to volunteers of all ages, plus many others who participated behind.

Photo: P360P

"Teamwork was what made this company possible from start to finish. I want to deeply thank all of you for your efforts in making this tremendous undertaking possible, your individual perseverance, talent, and kindness are incredibly inspiring and the memories I will take away from North Fair Oaks are a gift. “I hope these murals are a gift for all of you. Thank you all very much for a truly incredible experience,” the artist stressed.

Photo: P360P

Emily Fromm's works have been in venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Montreal and London.

When not painting cityscapes, Fromm also illustrates books, teaches classes for the SF YMCA and SFSU Mashouf Wellness Center, plays music, organizes group art events, supports other artists in the community, and raises funds for organizations such as the Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP, SF Coalition for the Homeless, The Nature Conservancy, the National Abortion Federation, among others. 

Photo: P360P
Photo: P360P

To learn more about the artist's work, access the link www.emilyfromm.com

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