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Hospital in Gaza is turning into a cemetery: Témoris Grecko

Hospital in Gaza is turning into a cemetery: Témoris Grecko
The raid of the Israeli army against the Jenin refugee camp with shootings, explosions, the drone of drones and the scandal of armored bulldozers, entered at night, was not intended to attack or detain Palestinian militants but, literally, to screw up their life to the civilian population: @temoris

The situation in Gaza is extremely emergency in many aspects, but the one that is most relevant is the hospitals that are no longer functional. In addition to this, Israeli tanks surround the main hospital in Gaza and do not allow people to leave, so they are forced to bury people inside the hospital, turning it into a cemetery.

This is what he reported Temoris Grecko in an interview with Manuel Ortiz during the Peninsula 360 Radio program, in collaboration with Marcos Gutiérrez of ?Made in California?, where he specified that of the 36 hospitals in Gaza, 22 no longer function today due to lack of electricity and fuel.

In that sense, he stressed that the central hospital is the most functional, but with a lack of resources; It is surrounded by Israeli soldiers and tanks, the incubators stopped working and the death toll does not stop.

Grecko, who has been in the war zone for a few weeks, said that people who die inside the hospital are buried in the same area because they are not allowed to leave. Due to this and the lack of electricity, there is no way to preserve bodies and must move them as soon as possible.

?There is a small group of settlers who are extremely aggressive that have been infiltrating, this group of settlers is estimated to be around 800 and the Palestinian population is 400,000 which is many more, however a fifth of the city is reserved for "Those Israeli settlers?" said Témoris Grecko from the southern West Bank.

It is important to mention that the Israeli army prepares young people to be part of its forces, from adolescence, they instill in them a great feeling of nationalism, in this way they grow up thinking that the causes of their country are theirs and they must defend them at all costs. 

?Many of them believe that they are acting well, but as they grow up and become adults they realize that they committed very serious crimes under the orders of the army and then several of these veterans of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) formed the organization Breaking the Silence?, commented the journalist.

Témoris explained that the objective of this organization focuses on the one hand on seeking to support each other to speak and confess that they committed certain crimes under the orders of the officers, and they also hope to raise awareness about the occupation.

?For example, when I talked to them they showed me how their system works, that it is a very prestigious association, but it is like other human rights groups that are under constant harassment from the Israeli government itself and treated as if they were the enemy, Do they threaten them with legal proceedings and judicial harassment?, the documentary filmmaker also pointed out.

But not only organizations are in danger, civil society lives in constant fear, Temoris Grecko explained that many Israelis arrive at night and attack villages, kill people, burn houses and destroy olive groves.

These fields, he specified, are fundamental for life in that place, since it is a transgenerational crop, the trees take more than 10 years to start producing olives, so losing these trees leaves entire families without their main source of income. A long time. 

The political scientist, who is also a political scientist, talked about what it is like to live in these areas as a registered journalist: "Yes, there is discomfort because they don't want what is happening here to be reported, but the Israeli army is starting to give tours to go to Gaza, but they are only by invitation?, he added.

?I have tried to sneak into them but I have not been able to since they are only for the media that they believe suits them, this to defend their position, they take them to the places that suit them and explain things to them according to what the same army wants you to believe? he added.

Temoris Grecko had to be accredited before the government of Israel as they requested, and although it was not that difficult, it took a long time, but he managed to obtain the credential that accredits him. However, soldiers do not seem to like or are unaware of this accreditation and tend to create many obstacles when carrying out their daily work. 

Unfortunately, not all journalists suffer the same fate, many have lost their lives and some others are missing: what is happening directly in Gaza with the issue of journalists is regrettable. In Gaza, the number of journalists murdered since October 7 is 42, this is a world and historical record? Grecko commented.

The Palestinian unions have denounced that Israel is deliberately attacking journalists because what they are trying to do is silence them, which is why they are asking to denounce what the civilian population is experiencing in Gaza, so that the truth of the facts is known and transcended.


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