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Expert warns of an institutional coup in Guatemala after Arévalo's victory

Expert warns of an institutional coup in Guatemala after Arévalo's victory
Photo: Manuel Ortiz P360P

After the electoral result that left as president Bernardo Arevalo, the political transition has become complicated, leaving a tense situation that generated an institutional coup in Guatemala, as the president-elect himself said.

At the moment, there is not a coup d'état as aggressive as has been seen on other occasions, however, the country is going through a difficult situation, as the political scientist Mynor Alonso told it in a talk with Manuel Ortiz during the radio program Peninsula 360 Press in collaboration with Marcos Gutiérrez from «Hecho en California".

Mynor Alonso, who is part of the mission to observe and document the elections in Guatemala by Global Exchange, an organization based in San Francisco and of which he is also a part Peninsula 360 Press and other organizations, assured that there is a coup attempt by a group of people who are in control of some institutions, few, but they are key in this transition process. 

And it is that, he said, there is currently an abuse of the Guatemalan justice system, and they are trying to prevent the Seed Movement from assuming power on January 14, the party to which Arévalo belongs.

"It is not a coup d'état as we are used to in Latin America with many soldiers or violent imposition, what is really experienced is more of a psychological warfare, something more social and the discreet but constant abuse of legal resources is also present," Mynor pointed out.

A few days ago, a court pressured the civil registry to rule the formation of the Seed Movement as illegal and to temporarily suspend its legal status, under an alleged investigation of false signatures, however, said fraud has not yet been proven.

In any case, this is illegal, because in cases like these the person responsible is accused and not the entire political party, in this way the intentions against the Seed Movement party can be seen very clearly, he stressed.

In turn, he said that what they are looking for is to use legal resources against Movimiento Semilla and thus leave no chance of being elected to any candidate from this party. 

What is expected, he stressed, is that the legal system reacts to these provocations correctly, the necessary investigations are carried out and the truth comes to light, in such a way that, if nothing is proven, the transition of powers takes place. in the best possible way as the law requires.

Otherwise, if Movimiento Semilla is cancelled, which would be a setback in the Guatemalan legal system, the deputies to congress would have to remain alone, as independents, but they would be deprived of certain essential rights.

The transition is becoming more complicated for Guatemala every day, but justice is expected to be the one that determines the next acts and to be able to reach January without major damage to the citizenry.


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