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Julian Edelman Says Goodbye to the NFL: A Legend Formed in Redwood City

The New England Patriots wide receiver decided to hang up his uniform after the Foxborough team cut him this afternoon after he failed physical tests.


Gratitude to the legends in sport is less and less valued every day. The great athletes who spend their entire career in a team, despite the bucks from other places, the losing streaks or how little they can play, are endangered species and today one more has decided to put an end to his career.

While it is true that Julian Edelman contemplated a possible retirement since last season, when his friend and passer, Tom Brady, left to play for the champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, now it has become a reality that the step aside that gave the born in Redwood City, California.

The "Squirrel," as the 34-year-old former player is also known, forged the dynasty that led the Patriots to become the winningest team in history. NFLEdelman has been a part of three of the six championships the Northland franchise has won. As recently as 2019, Edelman signed a two-season extension and more than 15 million dollars, now with his departure, the salary cap will have a cushion of 3.5 million for the blue and red.

In 2009, he began his adventure in the American football league, when he was drafted as quarterback of the Kent State UniversityHowever, he changed his position as he was demonstrating his skills as a receiver; the California native commented on his social networks that the decision to retire comes from thinking about family and the injury that kept him away from the field last season, from which he still can not recover one hundred percent.

Julian Edelman will be able to collect, despite retirement, more than two million dollars, because the collective bargaining agreement for NFL players says that athletes cut for failing physicals, will have a kind of insurance to ensure their departure on good terms.

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