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What does Redwood City beer taste like?

Sabe a mi tierra. Tastes like home ?????
Anna Lee Mraz Bartra. Peninsula 360 Press.

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Tommy Domingo, brewer at Ghostwood Beer Co. Photo Peninsula 360 Press.

On contact with the frozen can, the fingertips send a signal that associates the mind with what it has just seen, that drop that slides from top to bottom slowly and quietly. The mouth begins to salivate. 

Tsssssst. You open the silver with black can and, as if wishing to escape from its confinement, the beer rushes out of the enclosure, bubbles explode on contact with the air. 

For millennia humans have brewed beer, many scholars think it may have started with grain farming. 

This bubbly, golden beverage is produced almost all over the world, but is particularly popular in China, the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Germany, in that order of production quantity. Redwood City, a city where the best of the United States, Mexico, China and many other parts of the world converge, could not be left behind in the production of its own beer. 

Ghostwood Beer Co is a relatively new brewery in town, just last week they celebrated their second anniversary. They produce about 10 different types of beer. 

The flavors vary almost as much as the people who taste them. From the faintest taste, to the most severe bitterness. There is something for everyone. 

Oktober Fest, for example, is a light beer to drink on a hot day. Those in which the thirst is extenuating and you want to cool the body quickly to keep calm.

While Hayley Jane is serious in nature with coffee undertones that cling to the posterior nasal cavity for a while as it transits the palate. The aroma after the drink is reminiscent of those caffeinated butter sweets they sell in Mexico for doctors to offer their patients after their consultations.

Ghostwood is located at 1757 East Bayshore Rd. You're greeted at the door by a sturdy, friendly man who, you guess behind his mouthpiece, is smiling amicably. His name is Tommy Domingo and he's the brewer at the brewery. 

Of Filipino father and mother, as he said, white or multiple European blends, Tommy has been making his beers for 7 years and you can tell from the result that he combines them in search of body and essence.

Some of them, I must be honest, remind me of my adolescence, those years when you only acted like you liked beer, but you tried to disguise it with any other flavor so as not to be judged socially. This is the case of the strawberry beer, a light fruity combination with the malt tone at the end, and the coconut and vanilla beer that doesn't lie in what it presents: coconut and vanilla, but as a colleague who accompanied me to taste these beverages said: I prefer to drink a sweet concentrated fruit juice that you can find in any little store. 

However, you won't go wrong when you order a Phucomol, a beer that lives up to its name, and you'll soon feel that little matters with this drink in your hand. Your body relaxes and you let go of the day's accumulated stress. Creamy, balanced and with citrus notes in the background. The brew settles in and its flavors sit pleasantly on the back of your tongue. It invites you to take one more sip. 

Finally, I leave readers with a mystery: Clearly Dangerous surprises you at first sip. It's not a pleasant surprise, as the taster usually rolls their eyes in distaste. However, the second sip passes through your mouth like a familiar guest. You greet it no longer with fear, but with curiosity - what just happened?

There are those who with each sip the initial surprise does not diminish, but increases. There are those who, from the first sip, celebrate the arrival of the old acquaintance, that particular taste of a stout beer. This particular fermentation is a mystery, Clearly Dangerous is right to carry such a name, do you dare? 

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