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California adds $144 million to organizations that provide Medi-Cal services

California adds $144 million to organizations that provide Medi-Cal services
The California Department of Health Services announced the investment of $144 million, which will help create better, more coordinated, person-centered and equitable Medi-Cal services for millions of low-income Californians.

The California Department of Health Services (DHCS) announced the investment of $144 million for Medi-Cal services that will be allocated to 145 Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports organizations and providers, which will help create a Medi-Cal system. -More coordinated, person-centered and equitable Cal for millions of low-income Californians.

“These investments will advance the goals of Medi-Cal's broader transformation by building the capacity and infrastructure of providers working to improve health outcomes for Medi-Cal members,” said DHCS Director Michelle Baass. .

Notably, both ECM and Community Supports serve the most needy Medi-Cal managed care members and are anchored in the community, where services can be provided in-person by community-based organizations (CBOs). and suppliers.

“These investments will further our goals of integrating our delivery system with CBOs and providers who understand the health care and health-related social needs of our Medi-Cal members,” explained Susan Philip, Associate Director of Delivery Systems. DHCS Health Care Department. “We know these organizations are critical partners in providing whole-person care and building a more equitable delivery system.”

The announced investments, DHCS said, will focus on: breaking down the traditional walls of healthcare, extending beyond hospitals and healthcare centers to communities, as well as introducing a better way to coordinate care, and provide high-need members with in-person care management where they live.

Examples of capacity building initiatives that entities will undertake include: building capacity and infrastructure for ECM, in partnership with street medicine, to reach and engage with children and young people who are involved in justice, transitioning from juvenile detention centers, or are experiencing homelessness.

As well as capacity building for ECM and community support services, including nursing home transitions and medically supportive foods/medically tailored meals for a CBO serving tribal populations.

The announced sum is in addition to CITED funding of $207 million announced earlier this year.

?California is making health care more accessible to people across the state, regardless of income. "Today's investment breaks down barriers so more Californians can get the care and support they need, where they live and when they need it, leading to healthier lives and a healthier California," the governor stressed. Gavin Newsom after the announcement.


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Pamela Cruz
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