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Chris Beth recognized for 25 years leading Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services

Chris Beth recognized for 25 years leading Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services.
The Redwood City Council recognized Chris Beth, director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, for 25 years of service to the city, who after a quarter century of working for the city is retiring. Photo: P360P

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The Redwood City Council recognized Chris Beth, director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, for 25 years of service to the city, and who after a quarter of a century of working for the city is retiring.

?On behalf of the City Council and the people of Redwood City, we hereby honor and extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Chris for your excellence and leadership as director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, and for your continued commitment to public service and with the Redwood City community. “We wish you all the best as you close this chapter and begin a new one, and we look forward to many, many more great things to come,” said Redwood City Mayor Jeff Gee.

During the regular Council meeting, held this Monday, April 15, Redwood City Administrator Melissa Stephen Diaz recognized Beth's achievements and contributions in the city, as well as in the community.

?Chris's commitment to our community is truly legendary. And this has been possible because Chris is not only Mr. Redwood City, but also Mr. Yes. Everyone knows that Chris looks for a way to see possibilities, to recognize the best in others, to open doors and to push us forward. to be a community to which everyone belongs?, he said.

The thanks were added to those of the vice mayor Lissette Espinoza Garnica, as well as that of the councilors Howard, Eakin, Aguirre, Martínez Saballos and Sturken, who highlighted the values, human quality and great ease in carrying out the plans of the area to which was in charge, as well as its growth. 

"These are going to be big shoes to fill and we are very grateful for the service you have provided us. Thank you to your family for all the sacrifices you made to allow us to have Chris and benefit from his skills," said Councilwoman Aguirre.

On the occasion, the executive director and founder of the Casa Círculo Cultural organization, Verónica Escámez Martínez, thanked Beth on behalf of the Hispanic community in the city, for all the years of service and support. "We're going to miss you a lot," he said.

Chris Beth took the microphone, visibly moved, after the words addressed to him and the career he had during those 25 years of work. He first thanked his wife, Alyssa, his son, Tyler, and his daughter, Casey, for your support throughout this time of work.

Likewise, he thanked his work team, of whom he said: "They are absolutely incredible and valuable and I couldn't do my job without them so I want to thank them for that."

Finally, he thanked all the residents and neighbors of the city, whom he thanked for their support, creativity and work to find solutions together for the challenges his work faced throughout all these years.

Chris Beth joined the City of Redwood City in 1998 and was named Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services in 2010. 

During his impressive tenure in Redwood City, Chris has been instrumental in promoting countless community projects, including the launch of the Parks and Arts Foundation, the Magic Bridge Playground, and the improvement of Veterans Memorial Senior facilities. Centre, and the modernization of the YMCA facilities

In turn, he spearheaded many park renovation projects at Hoover Park, Linden Park, Art and Nano's Park, and oversaw the acquisition of the armory at the Casey Garrett Park donation, as well as the racial equity mural and many other park projects. public art that helps transform Redwood City into a premier artistic and cultural destination on the peninsula.

With a proclamation, Beth was honored for her leadership and positive influence on the parks and recreation profession within Redwood City, throughout the region and state.

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