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Redwood City Calls for Participation in Annual Spring Cleanup 2021

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The Redwood City Pride and Beautification Committee will host its annual spring cleanup event during Earth Week 2021, which runs April 19-24, where people are encouraged to beautify an area of their choice by picking up trash individually, or in groups living in a single household.

Logistical support and supplies, including gloves, bags and litter pickers, will be available for this purpose from Public Works Services.

Officials encourage event participants to post their cleanup photos on social media throughout the week using #EarthWeekRWC. 

Photos will be posted on the Pride and Beautification website, and as an added incentive, participants will be offered a reusable grocery bag or a set of reusable straws - while supplies last.

How to participate

Individuals can choose one day - or all days - during Earth Week to clean up litter in their neighborhood with their household or social "bubble".

You are allowed to bring your own buckets, bags, gloves or dustpans, reusable water bottles and sunscreen to pick up trash. 

"If you need gloves, bags or trash pickups for your team, contact Public Works at (650) 780-7464 to schedule a pickup time," the City says in a statement.

He also suggests designating bags for recycling and bags for trash, recording how many bags your team collects and taking a group photo, then emailing the number of bags, the photo and the most unusual items the group collected to vsherman@redwoodcity.org.

"Post your photos on social media using #EarthWeekRWC so we can share them!".

In conjunction with spring cleanup, there will be a free compost giveaway available to all Redwood City residents on Saturday, April 24 at Public Works Services. 

Borrowed supplies may be returned to Public Works on Saturday during the compost draw.

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