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Learn about the new tools for tax filing season

Learn about the new tools for the 2024 tax filing season
Tax return 2024, the deadline is April 15, 2024, and if the return cannot be delivered, an extension must be submitted. However, in order to save time and money, there are online filing tools.

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It is time to prepare the 2024 tax return. The deadline is April 15, 2024, and if the return cannot be submitted, an extension must be submitted. However, in order to save time and money, there are tools that allow you to file the declaration online and with specialized support in English and Spanish. 

Kevin Morehead, deputy commissioner of the IRS's Wage and Investment division, commented in a briefing held by Ethnic Media Services, The Bay Area expects to receive 146 million disbursements by April 15, and this season's tax preparation began last year to ensure it is accessible and easy, with enough tools for each process.

Since March 8, the Bay Area has received 62.8 million returns and processed 61.9 million, while 43 million refunds have been issued, totaling more than $135 billion.

The deadline to file 2023 tax refunds or request an extension to file them is Monday, April 15, 2024, while those who request an extension will have until October 15 to file their taxes.

It should be noted that on March 12 it was announced that a pilot program was being launched to file taxes directly.

Direct File is a new tax tool to file your federal taxes for free directly with the IRS, it is presented as a free, easy to use, accurate and secure method, by entering https://directfile.irs.gov/.

This option is for people who pay taxes in the following categories: those who report wages that generate a W2, those who file a wage tax credit, a child or other dependent credit and can take a standard deduction, but also for educators or the student range.

It is a great tool because you can request support from ISR's special customer service representatives, where support is provided in English and Spanish. 

Direct File, unlike other options, allows you to receive your refund in less than 21 days, being a tool that facilitates and speeds up the process, it is available in 12 states: California, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, and Texas , among others.

The ISR also has Free File, which allows taxpayers to file their taxes when they earn 79 thousand dollars or less, and make their declaration online using the available software, giving the option of English language, but also Spanish.

Likewise, they have specialized help to support those who do not know anything about the process, as is the case with older adults. 

In these cases, there is support to file your taxes online through a volunteer program that provides advice and support to older adults who do not have the help of family members for their declaration.

Given this, you are invited to choose a professional tax preparer who can take care of your personal information to avoid any scam; in the place https://www.irs.gov/es You can contact people who provide the necessary advice. 

?There are people who are called ghost preparers, they do not sign the tax return, it can be a sign that this person is a scammer, because many times people choose them to obtain larger refunds?, commented Kevin Morehead.


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