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The 5 most curious notes of December

Pamela Cruz. Peninsula 360 Press [P360P].

Walt Disney to stop putting digital masks on visitor photos

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people can still go to Disney World, Florida, as long as they make reservations in advance, maintain a healthy distance in lines, submit to temperature checks, and wear their masks at all times.

Last July, it was reported that the park was not handing out photos on rides to people who were not wearing their masks. Walt Disney World argued that it was due to a policy that allows it to withhold photos if someone is doing something unsafe or inappropriate.

This measure was not taken in the best way by visitors, so it began to digitally add the masks. However, the company announced that it will stop doing so and is confident that visitors will use the masks to prevent further spread of the virus.

Aliens are real 

Although it may sound delusional, Israel's former head of space security, Haim Eshed, claimed in an interview that aliens are real. Furthermore, he said that Donald Trump knows it and not only that, but he has a pact with an "intergalactic federation" to keep it secret. 

Haim Eshed, 81, who headed the space directorate of Israel's Defense Ministry for three decades, added that "the Unidentified Flying Objects have asked not to publish that they are here, since mankind is not ready yet."

Bethlehem among sharks

A pair of divers submerged for several minutes in a tank full of gray sharks, which also contained life-size figures of Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men, to stage an extreme version of Jesus' birth.

The attraction is part of the traditional show known as the Aquatic Nativity Scene, offered by the Madrid Aquarium Zoo, which is installed at the beginning of December to delight visitors during the Christmas season. 

City Hall in Paris fined for hiring too many women

The Ministry of Civil Service fined the City of Paris the not inconsiderable amount of 90 thousand euros, for not respecting gender parity and hiring too many women, as there are 11 women on its staff and only five senior positions for men.

According to the Parity Law of the place, no sex can hold more than 60 percent of the positions in the administrations, and although the law was created to increase the participation of women in these positions, the fine seems to have come out of an ?upside down world? 

Adolf Hitler sweeps away Namibian elections

Adolf Hitler Uunona is the new SWAPO party administrator of the Ompundja district in northern Namibia, who obtained 84.88 percent of the votes in the regional elections, which can be considered a resounding success over his opponents.

Unona, 54, points out that he is used to being teased about his name. "My father gave me that name and probably didn't understand what it represented, while as a child I didn't know it either, as I grew up I realized that he was a man who wanted to subdue the whole world and I have nothing to do with that," he said in an interview.

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