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Redwood City prepares for upcoming winter storms

Redwood City prepares for upcoming winter storms
In light of the impact of the upcoming 2023 winter storms, the City reinforced storm preparedness efforts, paying increased attention to neighborhoods that experienced increased risk of flooding.

With upcoming winter storms on the horizon, Redwood City is preparing for wet weather while working to reduce the chance of flooding. 

In that sense, the city said in a statement that crews are cleaning trash and debris from catchment basins and drainage structures, which helps ensure that only stormwater enters the system. 

In turn, he noted that employees have also completed preventative maintenance on the pumps and are providing sandbag training. 

It should be noted that the level of the Redwood Shores lagoon has been reduced to the winter level to develop stormwater retention capacity.

"We know that global warming is causing more severe and frequent storms," said City Manager Melissa Stevenson Díaz. “We are doing everything we can to prepare for winter and encourage all residents to prepare now as well.”  

In light of the impact of the 2023 winter storms, the City reinforced storm preparedness efforts, paying increased attention to neighborhoods that experienced increased risk of flooding. 

This included holding several community meetings for the neighborhoods near Cordilleras Creek and East Bayshore. 

Redwood City also developed a Creekside Homeowner's Guide, which includes stream maintenance tips and specific winter storm preparation steps for homeowners, and created storm preparedness videos and information in English and Spanish. 

Among the guidelines that the city recommends to residents is the SMC Alert, where it asks you to register to receive emergency messages to email, cell phones and other devices and landlines.

For evacuation information, public safety agencies throughout San Mateo County use Genasys (formerly known as Zonehaven) to communicate areas that are being evacuated due to fires or other emergencies. 

Residents can download the app Genasys Protect and identify your zone number and familiarize yourself with how to access the mapping program within the app so you can track evacuation zones as evacuations are ordered.

In the place www.RedwoodCity.org/StormPrep Residents can learn more about what to do before, during and after a storm.

In addition, he remembered that during the storm you can build a wall with sandbags to channel the water into a drain or gutter. Sandbags are available for Redwood City residents at 1400 Broadway.

For individuals or families seeking shelter during inclement weather, Fair Oaks Community Center has extended its assistance. Those who need it can call (650) 780-7500 or go in person to 2600 Middlefield Road, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If it is after hours, they can call the non-emergency police dispatch line at (650) 780-7100.

Remember that you can always call 9-1-1 in an emergency, which means any serious medical problem (chest pain, seizures, bleeding), fire (business, car, building), or any life-threatening situation. life or report crimes in progress.

In the event of a power outage or gas leak, you need to call Pacific Gas & Electric at 1-800-743-5002 or visit www.PGE.com. For downed power lines, call 9-1-1 first and then call PG&E.

Finally, for road conditions, you can access CalTrans maps available at https://quickmap.dot.ca.gov/ or call 1-800-427-7623.


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