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To prepare for possible fires in San Mateo

Photo: CalFire San Mateo-Santa Cruz
By Pamela Cruz. Peninsula 360 Press [P360P]

Local authorities called to be prepared for possible fire emergencies in the Bay Area, such as San Mateo County, this Sunday and Monday.

The San Mateo County Department of Emergency Management and the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, better known as CalFire in its San Mateo-Santa Cruz division, and the Sheriff's Office, warned of this after monitoring the weather and drought conditions in the area, a situation that has raised alarms for the authorities themselves.

And that's because the possibility of lightning sparking new wildfires has put the National Weather Service on fire alarm for parts of the Bay Area.

The weather watch covers the North Bay Mountains, East Bay Hills, Diablo Range and Santa Cruz Mountains.

It should be noted that a weather watch is different from a red flag warning. The weather watch comes first and, if conditions become more severe, a red flag warning is issued.

The weather agency said there is a slight, or "minimal" chance of thunderstorms occurring, and "it's not a shock by any means, but the impacts could be large if lightning occurs."

CalFire Deputy Chief Jonathan Cox noted via his Twitter account that the warm, dry weather means a higher risk of wildfires this weekend.

In that regard, he called for assembling an emergency supply kit that remains accessible.

But what should you have in an emergency kit? 

CalFire suggests at least one gallon of water per person per day, enough for at least three days.

If you have pets, bring extra food and water; a first aid kit; sanitation items such as garbage bags and wet wipes; a radio to keep you alert and aware of what is happening in the area; canned and long shelf life or non-perishable food; and can openers and basic eating utensils.

In addition, always allocate a supply of medication if someone has a prescription; and last but not least, essential documents and copies either digital or paper and cash. These should be kept in a small bag within easy reach of those responsible for making sure everyone is safe.

Taking the necessary protections and precautions can save lives. 

With information from Bay City News


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