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They warn that Artificial Intelligence has informational biases


Much has been said about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, however, it has worried many others, as it can trigger misinformation and there is a possibility that it will replace some professions.

According to Héctor Palacios, scientific researcher at ServiceNow Research, Artificial Intelligence is like a computer program created from languages that come from mathematics.

During the program Hecho en California, led by Marcos Gutiérrez, Anna Lee Mraz, CEO of Peninsula 360 Press explained that the basis of Artificial Intelligence is created from dictionaries in which things are defined and described.

"The problem with this is that these dictionaries are created by humans and humans come with informational biases," he said.

In this sense, Mraz explained that since human beings are the ones who choose what information to provide to the AI, it can contain biases that even impact racial and social justice issues.

«There is a problem? In Artificial Intelligence? that can lead to discrimination in more than one sense," he stressed.

And it is that recently, in a press conference dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and organized by Ethnic Media Services, experts expressed their concern about the racial biases that AI contains, since it has been proven that it does not recognize the gender of communities of color .

However, this is not the only concern that exists around Artificial Intelligence, as it is believed that in the future it could replace some professions.

"There are a number of jobs where you're no longer going to need a human to write a letter," Mraz said.

And it is that recently the World Economic Forum?WEF, for its acronym in English?, pointed out in a report that office functions will be the most affected by artificial intelligence.

«If Artificial Intelligence drives to enhance capacities, how are we going to enhance stigmas? That is one of the dangers, we are going to promote stigma, racism, unemployment, if a critical hand is not put into it, "Manuel OrtÍz Escámez warned at the time.

Finally, Ortiz warned that AI, despite all its benefits, due to the number of messages and images that are created from it, can generate misinformation in events such as elections and above all "by those who can pay for it", for which recommended to be careful with the control that the highest commands and the creators of the AI have over the information.

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