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Mexican migrants could obtain Infonavit credit from the US.

Mexican migrants could obtain Infonavit credit from the US.
Carlos Martínez Velázquez, General Director of Infonavit.

Mexican migrants could obtain Infonavit credit from the US to purchase a home in Mexico from their place of residence, as stated by the general director of the Institute of the National Fund for Workers' Housing "Infonavit", Carlos Martínez Velázquez.

During his participation in the morning conference held daily by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he stressed that for the benefit of all immigrants in the American Union, Infonavit in conjunction with the Secretary of Labor and the Mexican Institute of Social Security? IMSS?, They have made a plan to attend to their social security.

In this sense, the Mexican official reported that this Thursday, November 9, in the Housing and Social Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, a reform to the Law is being ruled so that immigrants can register with Infonavit and be credit subjects of the institute, as was done with Social Security.

Carlos Martínez Velázquez, General Director of Infonavit.

Martínez Velázquez recalled that as of 2019 the Infonavit without Borders program was established, where immigrants have been able to pay their credit, that of their partner or that of a friend or family member from the United States, through remittance companies with which the institute has an agreement .

«As a result of 2019 and a question that arose right here? in the morning?, we established the Infonavit sin Fronteras program. With it, immigrants from the United States with any remittance company can deposit their family member's credit here in Mexico," he said. 

"Infonavit absorbs the commissions of the remittance companies and through this, 492 million pesos have been obtained, which is equivalent to 10,000 homes being paid from the United States here in Mexico - figures from January 2019 to November 2022 ?" he stressed.

According to official figures from Infonavit, only from January to November 2022, compatriots in this country have paid 134 million 584 thousand 679 pesos, which corresponds to six thousand 011 credits, and which suggests savings of two million 215 thousand 408 pesos in commissions.

It should be noted that, to make the payment, people must provide the 10-digit number of the credit at a branch of the four remittance companies with which Infonavit has an agreement: Dolex, Maxitransfers, Intercambio Express and Barri Financial Group.

With Infonavit Sin Fronteras, the cost of the commission for receiving the resources in Mexico is absorbed by Infonavit, Martínez Velázquez recalled. 

Carlos Martínez Velázquez, General Director of Infonavit.

On the other hand, he recalled that from this Thursday, February 9, the Universal Shared Responsibility Window was reopened, a program through which people who have an Infonavit loan can convert it from Times Minimum Wage to pesos and obtain savings on their balances.

And it is that, each year the amount of the debt for credit grows due to different factors such as inflation and impact, the increase in the minimum wage and the updating of the units of measurement "UMA and UMI", so it is important that those who have a credit make their change because they are still on time. Only for this 2023, the increase in credit grew 5.2 percent. For example, if the balance of your credit was for one million pesos, as of January 11, it increased to one million 52 thousand pesos.

So far, 2.4 million people still have their credit at minimum wage times, so the Institute calls for making the change as soon as possible so as not to affect their economy. The change can be made online at https://micuenta.infonavit.org.mx.

Those interested in knowing about Infonavit credits, procedures and services can access the website in a simple and clear way. https://infonavitfacil.mx or call Infonatel at 011 52 55 9171 5050.

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