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Sony and the drama of Helldivers 2

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Earlier this year the study Arrowhead surprised us with the sequel to a niche game called ?Helldivers? and its resounding success became news in all corners of the internet. Thousands and thousands of players found a breath of fresh air in this title. 

Inspired by the cult film ?Starship Troopers?, ?Helldivers? is a four-player third-person shooter in which the squad is sent to eliminate aliens and complete strategic missions, all in a chaotic frenzy of bullets and explosions.

The verdict was unanimous, this game was the best thing that had happened to the video game industry in a while and Sony, who is the publisher of such an acclaimed game, had made a good decision by making it available to computer players. on Steam. 

In case it has not been clear, the most important part of the game is fighting alongside other space cadets against the aliens that threaten the super earth, for computer users, this was possible from the beginning only with their Steam account, until that Sony decided that players also needed to create a Playstation account to play on their computer as of a deadline. 

Sony and the drama of Helldivers 2
Image posted on the r/Helldivers subreddit by user lshatapak in protest of the more than one hundred countries affected by Sony's restrictions.

I'm not sure what happened, it seems to me that it was the way of communicating it, painting it as something obligatory, the passion for the game itself or the tiredness of having to divulge your personal information every time you want to play something, but the community simply was revealed. 

Complaints on Reddit and in different forums became unanimous with the news that it is not possible to create a Playstation account in more than one hundred countries; This surprised players who would soon lose access to the game they purchased and had enjoyed without problems until now. 

The most incredible thing about this story is that Helldivers players came together to make their voices heard with negative reviews on the game's Steam page and soon accumulated more than 220 thousand negative reviews that immediately attracted the attention of Sony, who had no They had no choice but to address the community's demands by publishing a statement in which they said that from now on, the Playstation account would not be necessary to play the game and that they are learning what the community on other platforms expects from the Playstation games. company. 

Sony and the drama of Helldivers 2
Image posted on the r/Helldivers subreddit by user Ace_Larrakin as propaganda calling on other players to take action against Sony's decisions.

Although this was a clear victory for consumers, to date the game remains unpurchasable in over a hundred countries, while consumers who already spent their money on the game can still play it, it is uncertain if this will change in the future. 

Shortly after, Sony announced that another of its titles planned for release on PC, Ghost of Sushima, would necessarily require a Playstation account to play online on PC. Steam, on the other hand, began offering refunds to consumers in regions who had pre-ordered the game and would now be affected by the restrictions imposed by Sony. 

This is a bittersweet story, on the one hand, the victory obtained by the Helldivers community is tangible and should be celebrated, on the other, it shows the vulnerability of consumers to the unilateral and immovable decisions of the companies.

Whether Sony is justified in carrying out these restrictions, they should never have sold the game in regions where they knew they did not have Playstation account coverage. If they can't offer the complete product to consumers, they shouldn't take your money.

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Hans Leguízamo
Hans Leguízamo
Audio and video coordinator of Peninsula 360 Press. Sociologist and researcher specialized in electronic entertainment, videogames and consumer rights.


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