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The Tennessee Congress and double standards

The Tennessee Congress and double standards
Photo: House of Representatives–Tennessee General Assembly

The Tennessee House of Representatives has approved a law to prohibit transvestite shows, limiting or canceling the right to freedom of expression, a fundamental part of the first amendment of the United States Constitution, at the same time facilitating access to weapons for protect the second amendment.

This, despite the fact that a few days ago the city of Nashville suffered a massacre at a school, where three nine-year-old children and 3 school workers lost their lives.

Representative Justin Jones highlighted the degree of hypocrisy of that house of representatives by mentioning that no one dies from drag shows, and that weapons have attacked and devastated their community. 

In addition, he said that the representatives should have the pants so as not to depend on the money of the arms manufacturers, putting their interests over the lives of their clients. 

Jones represents between 70 and 80 thousand people and has participated in protests against access to guns along with two of his counterparts.

Now, that congress dominated by Republican representatives has taken away their access to their Congress and their commissions, in addition to wanting to leave the people they represent without a voice.

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Gerardo Ortiz
Gerardo Ortiz
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