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P360P's community journalism workshop kicks off

Vicky, a cheerful Latina resident of San Mateo County, whose passion is exercise and dance, has lost 14 loved ones in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This, in part, sparked her desire to improve her communication skills to more effectively report on physical and mental health issues in her community. 

Like Vicky, who already has some communications experience - including informative exercise videos for the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco - 19 others joined the Community Journalism workshop that began with 2022.

community journalism workshop
Miriam and Lorena practice interview techniques during the Community Journalism Workshop given by Peninsula 360 Press with the support of Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Casa Círculo Cultural. Photo: P360P

The workshop is organized by Peninsula 360 Press with the support of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, thanks to which participants will be able to receive payment for the informative content they generate. 

This workshop is held in person and online on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. On-site at 3090 Middfiled Road in Redwood Cit, which corresponds to the facilities of Casa Círculo Cultural, another of the organizations supporting this initiative.  

However, due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 infections in early 2022, it was decided that the first classes would be online. In addition, the online classes will include students who live far from the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as teachers from around the world. 

The Community Journalism workshop, taught by professionals in different fields of communication, will address basic topics of the profession such as writing, ethics, sources of information, narrative and knowledge of journalistic genres. 

The workshop will also include the teaching of essential technical issues for the development of multimedia content, such as the use of cell phones, the operation of cameras, recorders, microphones and computer equipment for audiovisual editing.

community journalism workshop
Students of the Community Journalism Workshop learn how to conduct video interviews using cell phones and wireless microphones. Photo: P360P

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