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Redwood City Mayor calls for a halt to misleading attacks against her

Giselle Hale

Redwood City Mayor, Giselle HaleSan Mateo Vice Mayor Diane Papan on Monday morning called on San Mateo Vice Mayor Diane Papan to withdraw "her misleading attacks" after an illegal website surfaced that made similar assaults to those recently made by the also State Assembly contender.

"Many of us are incredibly disappointed by this style of attack. It has no place in our community," said Lorri Holzberg, chair of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition and board member of the Silicon Valley Democratic Club. 

"I have known and worked alongside Giselle for years, there is no stronger Democrat, no fiercer advocate for families, no one I am more confident will reflect our shared Democratic values in Sacramento," he stressed.

According to a statement issued by Giselle Hale's own communications team in her bid for State Assembly, Papan's ad wrongly links Hale to Donald Trump, repeating claims and using images made on an illegal website.

It further details that both the illicit website and the Papan website are hosted on the same server, and administered by the same individual who designed both portals.

It should be noted that the situation is taking place in the final stretch of the primary elections to be held in the country on June 7.

Fred Ross, Jr, a regional organizer and progressive advocate noted that Papan has launched such an "unfounded scare tactic about Giselle, who has dedicated her career to electing Democrats and supporting progressive values."

For her part, Giselle Hale detailed that "Our community has real needs. They deserve leaders who are focused on acting on those needs and delivering for us. That's what I have focused on my entire career."

Giselle Hale's communications group detailed that Papan's negative campaign ads come on top of hundreds of thousands in outside spending on behalf of their candidate and against Hale, funded by conservative interest groups such as PG&E, Chevron and Valero. 

As of the publication of this note, the also Democrat Papan has not commented on the communiqué.

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