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"Muchachada" is ready to face possible fraud in Colombia: "Cucho" Tejada

possible fraud in Colombia
José Alberto Tejada Echeverri, better known as "El Cucho de Canal 2", assured that the youth of Colombia are ready to "stand up" if there is electoral fraud in the presidential elections. Photo: Alina Duarte. Global Exchange - Peninsula 360 Press.

The "muchachada" is willing to face a possible fraud in Colombia in the second round of presidential elections and that could give the post to the candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, said the elected representative to Congress Valle del Cauca for the Historic Pact, José Alberto Tejada Echeverribetter known as "El Cucho de Canal 2".

"If they put Rodolfo Hernandez in these elections, do not believe that he will do well, this crowd is ready to stand up, and if it is Petro, I hope that the crowd is also vigilant, both the government and the congressmen who are being elected, because the worst thing that can happen to us is to betray the hope of these people who came out to the explosion", said from Cali, Colombia, the journalist and businessman.

In an interview with Alina Duarte, one of the reporters covering the second round elections in Colombia, sponsored by Global Exchange in collaboration with Peninsula 360 Press, El Cucho stressed that this country "is not governed by politicians, but by criminal mafias that use banal politicians to maintain their economic, territorial, social and political power".

In this sense, he pointed out that the biggest problem Colombia has is that the political class has disappeared, as he said, "there are no more ideas or great State proposals, but a group of "lobbyists" and criminals dressed as politicians who have co-opted the income and public patrimony for their own purposes, taking over large swathes of the national territory".

In view of this, he said that the "muchachada" feels that they are living in a borrowed country, "a country that is not theirs" despite having been born there, and that "with aggression Cali has been used as a laboratory for social explosion. What they are provoking is that this gets out of hand".

"Hopefully we are wrong, but if they continue capturing young people of whom there is no evidence that they are terrorists, criminals or murderers, while one sees that the police who killed young people who disappeared and mutilated young people nothing happens to them, this generates anger in the heart and could explode, and it seems that this is what the current government wants," he said.

He added that Colombia is not the same after April 28, 2021, because, he said, on that day "the Second Republic was born, one where boys and girls who were not taken into account, where they told the whole world: we exist and we do not want to continue being left out of the cake, we no longer want to be treated with precarious income, without food, without education and you stealing the country in front of us. Then, Colombia will not be the same". 

Forecast for this Sunday, Is there hope?

As leader of the broad front of the Historic Pact in Cali, and as a congressman-elect, he said he hopes that Gustavo Petro will be allowed to win the presidency "and that they do not boycott this dream of a country".

Tejada explained that there are all the conditions for Petro to be president, since "there is no doubt that the majority decision of the people of Colombia is that Petro and Francia will be the new government".

Another thing, he said, is whether the political, security and media conditions allow it.

"Now I speak as an analyst, I am very skeptical, I think they are already forcing Petro to recognize and accept the results in advance. They are denying him the right to be fully defeated in a trial. This message must be read between the lines, this is an authoritarian act, a fascist act".

In addition, he said that the detention of young people is a strategy of fear. "Fear is the greatest condiment to generate social immobility, because when you are afraid, you buy security, you no longer buy reasons".

He added that, in addition to everything, a script with two possible scenarios is being prepared. The first one, "where Petro is not allowed to win with a monumental fraud, with a chaos that breaks institutional possibilities of electoral democracy, which can generate many serious situations".

The second is to be allowed to win, but not to take possession.

"From June 19 to August 7, many things can happen, such as, for example, what happened in 1953 in Colombia, when a coup d'état was carried out against the incumbent president and the elections were set aside. Second, it may happen that the opposing candidate wins and is called to trial, and it is possible that they will not let him take office and, if he succeeds, the Supreme Court will immediately suspend him from office and leave in charge the vice president, an unscrupulous and inexperienced woman, who will be easy prey to the manipulation that this current regime is going to be of its new government, because she is inexperienced".

A third variant, he pointed out, is that Rodolfo -if he wins- will not be removed from office and that he will be allowed to take office by means of "legal" formulas where he will be warned: "see mijo, you do remain in power, but you are practically about to go to jail, there we prevent you from having anything done to you, but you let us govern in exchange for your freedom and your patrimony, in exchange for us to continue managing the country as we wish".

And, finally, one where Petro is made "unlivable for the Republic, given a bloody coup d'état or killed from June 19 to August 6 or after August 7, is the scenario I see as an analyst".

This article was produced with the support of a group of journalists covering the second round of elections in Colombia, sponsored by Global Exchange in collaboration with Peninsula 360 Press.

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