Latin American journalists spied on

Cristian Carlos.

At Peninsula 360 Press, we have reported on the use of spyware both to journalists and to the media. as well as diplomats. It is NSO Group's clients who threaten the integrity of Latin American journalism. The suggestion to keep your device protected against cyber attacks is to keep it on the latest update..

The talk organized by the Gabo Foundation, El Faro newspaper and Gato Encerrado magazine of El Salvador will be attended by Oscar Martinez, Ezequiel Barrera (El Salvador), Maria Teresa Ronderos (Colombia) and Carmen Aristegui (Mexico), the findings of the investigation of El Faro and Gato Encerrado to present the data that resulted from the investigation of the Salvadoran media.

The talk is this Thursday, January 20 at 9:15 a.m. Pacific Time; 11:15 a.m. Mexico City time and will feature allies such as El Faro, El Primer Periódico Digital Latinoamericano; and the Centro Latinoamericano de Investigación Periodística, CLIP.

The latter reported on January 12 that twenty-two members of the El Clip team were tapped on 226 occasions in 220 and 221 alone.

Recently, Apple began sending an alert to its users of possible attacks on ecosystem users' devices.

At the time, El Faro reported that:

"On November 23, 2021, the U.S. company Apple sent emails to some Salvadoran journalists, politicians and activists, including 14 members of El Faro. In the mail, Apple warned of possible espionage ?under the sponsorship of the State? The alert coincided with the beginning of a lawsuit filed that same day by Apple against NSO Group in a federal court in California, United States, for infecting devices of specific actors through Pegasus".

Subsequently, they disclosed that: "when the El Faro journalists received the email from Apple, the independent process of analyzing the phones with the organizations Access Now and Citizen Lab had already been going on for two months. Members of the media had already been notified that their devices were being monitored with Pegasus. The Apple email had nothing to do with the analysis process that El Faro followed with the international organizations."

Apple's alert only confirmed the results of the analysis.

Details of these attacks are expected to be released at tomorrow's talk.


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