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VOX creates documentary against Lula da Silva with Spanish public money

Documentary against Lula da Silva

By Ingrid Sanchez. Peninsula 360 Press [P360]

The Spanish far-right party VOX He made a documentary against Lula da Silva, Brazil's progressive leader and candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, with money from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Funding for the documentary came through the Disenso Foundation, created by VOX in July 2020 and of which Santiago Abascal, a far-right leader, is a lifelong patron. 

In the video, which is available on Internet platforms, some international far-right figures question Lula and the Sao Paulo Forum, a front for Latin American organizations from different currents of the left. 

In the Forum it is possible to find social democratic as well as communist and revolutionary organizations. 

According to the newspaper El País, Disenso has received, in total, around 92,342 euros from Spanish public money and has been one of the main beneficiaries of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Characters from different countries participate in the documentary criticizing left-wing organizations that promote equality values and, in a special way, attack Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, who on October 2 will run against Jair Bolsonaro for the presidency. 

In the documentary, Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the current president and representative for Sao Paulo, participates in an important way, affirming that Lula is the protagonist of the biggest corruption scandal in the country's history.

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